Addictions treated by Dr. Kathy Veon with Central Florida Preventive Medicine


Addictions handled by Dr Kathy Veon with Central Florida Preventative Medicine. Addictions and Compulsive Behaviors can include dependency on food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, chaos, drama and many other diversions so that a person does not have to acknowledge, feel and process uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and memories.  Natural therapies can be very effective in treating addictions, along with appropriate counseling and cognitive behavioral therapies.

Addictive behaviors, Compulsions, and  PTSD can be successfully treated by using Acupuncture, Orthomolecular Nutrition, Herbal Therapies, Nutrigenomic Testing, Lifestyle Counseling and EVOX Therapy.  Dr. Veon is a Certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) and helps people with addictions, compulsions, trauma, PTSD and other behavioral disorders.

Doctor Kathy Veon handles addictions at Central Florida Preventive Medicine in Lake Mary Florida.

Addictions can be healed through a multi-treatment approach.

Along with traditional addiction therapies, acupuncture and auricular therapy have been used for many years to support and heal those dealing with addictions, compulsions, PTSD and trauma.  Stimulating points on the body and ears can alleviate and manage the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.  Many natural therapies have been used to treat PTSD and addictions, but according to a study published by the University of New Mexico, acupuncture has been the most effective.  Acupuncture has been shown to provide rapid benefits to patients through faster healing, whereas psychological counseling can take many years.  

Some genetic variations can predispose a person to become more easily addicted than others.  How we perceive our environment depends largely on the neurotransmitter balance in our brains at the time of the traumatic incident that eventually leads to addictive behavior to deal with the painful memories and emotions.  For example, persons with an altered GAD1 expression may have great difficulty breaking down glutamate (excitatory neurotransmitter) into GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter) and therefore will live in a ‘high-anxiety’ or ‘over-stimulated’ state of being more often than those with normal GAD1 expressions.  Research shows that persons with altered GAD1 expressions are more prone to chronic pain and anxiety, addictions, compulsions and other destructive ‘self-soothing’ types of behaviors.  They are also at high risk for seizures if they cease drinking alcohol abruptly during a traditional alcohol or substance abuse treatment program.  A simple buccal swab can determine if genetics play a role in a person’s addictive behaviors, PTSD or anxiety.  Individualized healthy lifestyle habits, nutrients, herbal and nutritional supplements, food therapies and spiritual practices can then be prescribed as part of a treatment plan to support a patient’s full recovery.  

EVOX Therapy is a bio-feedback therapy similar to EMDR, however does not make any suggestions to the patient.  The patient simply speaks about an person, relationship, event or goal, and the EVOX system analyzes the frequencies of a patient’s voice to determine high levels of emotional energy stored or ‘stuck’ in any of the 12 specific emotional areas:  ‘Anger’, ‘Conditional Love’, ‘Fearful & Overwhelmed’, ‘Self-Critical’, ‘Emotionally Disconnected’, ‘Depression’, ‘Repetitive Thinking’, ‘Unacknowledged’, ‘Suppressed Emotional Expression’, ‘Unworthy/Undeserving’, ‘Rigid Beliefs’, and ‘Conflicting Beliefs’.  The speaking and feedback portions of EVOX Therapy will optimally lead to a ‘releasing pattern’ and the subconscious mind can achieve healing from the real or perceived traumatic events that have lead to addictive and unhealthy behaviors.  

An initial appointment can allow Dr. Veon to determine which therapies will be most helpful for each patient’s unique needs.  Call now to schedule:  407-328-6711

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