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Fibromyalgia Pain Testimonial

Fibromyalgia Pain Testimonial by Dana living in Lake Mary, FL

Fibromyalgia Pain Testimonial: I’ve been a patient of Kathy Veon’s for about 4 years. Throughout this time, she’s helped with numerous issues including fibromyalgia pain, adrenal fatigue, energy/alertness issues and a sluggish lymphatic system. Working through these issues takes time, patience and a medical “partner” that really wants to determine root causes and help you get better. Recently, Kathy suggested trying EVOX to help me deal with several deep rooted issues that were preventing me from feeling my best and moving on with my life. Like many folks that read about the EVOX process, I was a bit skeptical as to how this process could help me move on and not feel “stuck”.

But, after talking with Kathy about how the process worked and general benefits from previous clients, I was willing to try it. The first session was pretty amazing. I used the session to focus on a home invasion incident that happened when I was a child. It was an interesting experience to start off feeling big emotions of fear/anxiety associated with incident. As the session progressed and various frequencies were transmitted back into me, I noticed how my attitude and perception of the incident changed.

Just to be clear, this will never be a fond memory, but the level of fear, anxiety and anger experienced on a day to day basis are significantly reduced. It eliminated much of the background noise in my everyday thoughts that were associated with this memory/experience. I look forward to completing additional EVOX sessions to continue clearing issues/emotions that I just can’t seem to move past.

Fibromyalgia Pain Testimonial by Dana of Lake Mary, Florida – thanks for sharing feedback about Dr Kathy Veon with Central Florida Preventive Medicine


Gluten Intolerance Testimonial

Gluten Intolerance Testimonial by Becky of Sanford, Florida

Gluten Intolerance Testimonial:  Two years ago I started a new job as a receptionist. At the same time, I developed a virus which inflamed the inside of my mouth. I went to my regular medical doctor and received 3 different prescriptions which had no effect on my virus. My co-workers told me about Kathy and suggested that I see what she could do for me. Within 2 days of taking supplements, I could tell that my inflammation was getting better.

Since then, Kathy has greatly improved my other health issues which include gluten intolerance, high iron levels, blocked energy flow and a non-working thyroid. I have learned that Kathy knows her stuff and I’m willing to stand on my head in a corner if Kathy says this will correct any health issue. After reading Kathy’s website, I thought that an EVOX Therapy session might help some of my emotional issues with my Mother. We had a session for each of my parents which went very well. We then had a session about my Mother’s Father who died when I was only a year old. I did not understand why I had issues with him but once I completed the session, I truly understand my Mother better and love her more than ever.

Thanks Becky for sharing your Gluten Intolerance Testimonial – Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine. Hopefully, this will inspire our new patients to try this highly recomended treatment for people with gluten problems.


Fertility Treatment Testimonial

Fertility Treatment Testimonial – Tracy & Dan ~ Orlando Florida

Fertility Treatment Testimonial : My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for the past two years with no success. I then found out that my thyroid was not working as well as it should, and was faced with taking drugs to manage the problem. I didn’t want to be on any kind of drugs for the rest of my life and was looking for alternative treatment therapies.

I learned about QRA and went for a session. After treating my thyroid naturally with herbs and nutrients for about 3 months, my thyroid was normal again and I was feeling great. We became pregnant 2 months later!! We are thrilled to be expecting our first baby girl in March. Thank you so much for helping us make our dreams come true!

Tracy & Dan of  Orlando Florida are now proud parents based on fertility treatments! We hope to help many more couples trying to get pregnant. Our therapy is helpful to achieving this goal to help people become loving parents. If you are currently looking to get pregnant, give us a call today to schedule an appointment with Dr Kathy Veon.

Another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine

Tracy & Dan

Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonial

Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonial by Neil in Daytona Beach, Florida

Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonial:  I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 2 years ago. I had been taking medications, but did not like the side effects. I was referred to Dr. Veon for alternative therapies that could help. She did a lot of testing and found problems with my digestion and immune system. I went back for evaluations once a month to see how my body was healing while on the nutritionist therapies – Nutritional Healing. After 5 months, I am happy to say that I was pain free and no longer had any signs of RA.

I feel great. I sleep better, I am not depressed anymore, and I don’t get sick easily. Dr. Veon really helped me to understand why my body was sick and how to fix it. She counseled me on food choices, nutrition, stress reduction, and healthy living. I have my life back and I can play sports again!

Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonial – Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine based in Lake Mary Florida. Thanks Neil for sharing this feedback of our services to help inform our potential patients of your results with this medical condition.

What Dr. Kathy Veon’s Clients Are Saying Seem To Be Pretty Good!


Weight Loss Testimonial

Weight Loss Testimonial by Drake of Orange City, Florida

Weight Loss Testimonial:   I have had only 2 EVOX Therapy appointments with Dr. Kathy. I had an eating disorder. I drive a truck locally, and between stops my money would talk to me. I know that sounds strange but it would tell me that all the bills are paid and there is still $10 left in my account. So I could not stop myself from going to the gas station and getting hot dogs and junk food. Also, I could not stop myself from eating all the food on my plate when I got full, nor could I stop from loading up my plate either.

I am 5’8” and was 260 lbs. It has been 6 weeks since my last visit and I have lost 20 lbs so far. I am now able to stop eating when I feel full, even if there is still food on my plate. My money no longer talks to me. I have done nothing else to help myself lose weight. I just have control over myself now. Also, about 8 years ago I was able to quit smoking, but I was not able to quit eating, and now thanks to Dr. Kathy I have.

Weight Loss Testimonial – Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine. Thanks Drake for sharing your kind words with us to share with potential new patients!


Pain Management Testimonial

Pain Management Testimonial by Terri H. of Lake Mary, Florida

Chiari Malformation / Neck Pain Management Testimonial

Pain Management Testimonial: For quite a while, I had been struggling with severe neck and head pain resulting from a Chiari malformation (a condition in which part of the brain protrudes into the spinal canal, causing pressure on the spinal cord). My neurosurgeon suggested I try almost anything to help relieve the pain, because the surgery for my condition is risky and didn’t always work. Moving my head from side to side would send sharp pain from my neck up into my skull. This made driving extremely difficult. Sleeping became an ongoing challenge. Pain medicine helped somewhat, but you can only take those for so long before they start to cause organ damage. Massage helped only a little (it really is more of a nerve pain, rather than muscle). I also tried cranial sacral therapy for several months. I liked the therapy, but it really didn’t help relieve my pain. I called a pain-management center, but they said they didn’t work with Chiari malformation patients.

Then I discovered Central Florida Preventive Medicine & Kathy Veon. Even though I have a strong aversion to needles, my neck/head pain was making it extremely difficult to live a normal life. Kathy’s calm and caring attitude helped me to not be so nervous about being ˝stuck with needles.˝ (they are actually quite tiny) After about two or three visits, the pain that used to shoot from the base of my skull into my eye was gone. A few more treatments, and the neck pain had significantly decreased. I can now move my head from side to side. I will probably have to continue with less frequent ˝maintenance˝ therapy, but that sure beats surgery! It’s just amazing. Such a relief!

Kathy, thank you for helping me feel normal, again.


OCD Testimonial

OCD Testimonial by Mindy of Sanford, Florida

OCD Testimonial: Being in the dental field for about 8 years, I unfortunately developed on OCD to germs. I constantly would feel the need to wash my hands, re-wash, and analyze what I touched throughout the day.  It was when, one evening, I got out of the shower and actually had to get back in, I knew that it was bad.

I turned to Acupuncture, an alternative treatment to drugs and medicine.  For me, since I am so sensitive to every medication, I knew it was the route to go.  After just one treatment and ‘acupuncture to go’ (extra seeds in your ear to wear for week after treatment), I noticed a tremendous difference. My mind wasn’t processing the OCD germ talk.  I actually went on throughout my day without using wasted energy on analyzing my every touch. It’s been about 6 treatments, and I’m germ OCD free!

Your body does have the ability to heal itself. Acupuncture just helps speed up the process more naturally and is more effective.  It’s the best kept secret around!

OCD Testimonial by Mindy of Sanford, Florida | Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine!


Fertility Treatment Success

Fertility Treatment Success for Kaylin & Justin living in Lake Mary Florida!

Fertility Treatment Success:  We had been trying to conceive for about a year and a half with no luck. I have a very stressful job and was also feeling anxious that I was unable to become pregnant. I was feeling so tired and depressed. I went in for acupuncture and a QRA session, and found that my hormone levels were a little off, and my stress levels had negatively affected my adrenal glands.

After 3 months of acupuncture and nutrition therapy my stress levels dramatically decreased and my hormone levels were balanced. I learned that I was pregnant just a short time later. I am continuing my acupuncture and nutrition therapy throughout my pregnancy to support both me and my baby’s health. I have never felt better!

Are you having Fertility problems? Getting pregnant can be tough for some people but don’t worry – we are here for you! Our trusted and proven treatment can be successful for you. Let’s start the conversation now – call Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine now.  Be the next Happy New Parents in Central Florida. So what are you waiting for schedule your fertilitiy appointment now!

Kaylin & Justin

Hip Pain Relief Testimonial

Hip Pain Relief Testimonial from Jeff of Orlando, FL

Hip Pain Relief Testimonial:  I had developed hip pain about 10 years ago. I have been to many doctors who have done x-rays and scans, but did not find anything wrong with my right hip. I went to Dr. Veon for pain relief and she suggested doing some cation mudpacks. She did some testing and found that my broken ankle from when I was 12 years old had caused blockages in the leg that led to the pain and stiffness in my leg and hip.

It took about 30 minutes to do a mudpack on the ankle, and believe it or not, I had no more pain in my hip after that treatment. Since then my blood sugar has also normalized and I no longer need medication. I am very thankful for the alternative therapies that Dr. Veon offers in her practice.

Painful Hip Issues is never fun to deal with – thankfully we have alot of  good testimonials from satisifed patients. Thanks Jeff for allowing us to share your kind words with potential future patients. Please feel free to schedule your appointment with Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine today.


Acid Reflux Testimonial

Acid Reflux Testimonial by Nancy living in Orlando, Florida

Acid Reflux Testimonial: I had acid reflux for 20 years (since college) and was taking Tums and Prilosec to help with the burning, pain and bloating. I started to gain weight and felt that my hormones were changing and went to see Nutritionist Dr. Kathy for some help.  We used herbal and nutrition therapy to heal my stomach and digestion.

My bloating and pain is gone and I do not have to take drugs anymore.  My overall wellbeing is greatly improved and I feel that my hormones are balanced too.  I  have lost 23 lbs and am back to a healthy weight and have lots of energy now.  Nutrition is the way to go when healing the body. It really works!!

Thanks, Nancy living in Orlando Florida – Another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine!

Once again thanks  – Nancy for sharing your kind words with us to share with potential new patients! Hopefully, Dr Kathy Veon can help you too. Schedule an appointment today with her.


Muscle Pain Relief Testimonial

Muscle Pain Relief Testimonial by Rosalyn of Orlando, Florida

Muscle Pain Relief Testimonial:  I came to Dr. Veon for acupuncture treatments to help with pain I had in my right leg for over 5 years. She did some muscle testing in the office to determine that the best treatment would be to apply mudpacks to my hip and foot instead of doing acupuncture. I was amazed that after just one (cation) mudpack session, my pain totally disappeared and has not returned! I was limping when I came into the office, and I left the office walking normally with no pain at all. I’m not sure how it works, but it works!

Another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine and Dr Kathy Veon! Learn more about Dr Veon on Linkedin now.

Thanks, Rosalyn from Orlando Florida for great feedback!


Extreme Fatigue and Pain Testimonial

Extreme Fatigue and Pain Testimonial by Susan of Winter Park, Florida

Extreme Fatigue and Pain Testimonial: I had been feeling extremely fatigued for the past 4 years and had pain in my joints every day. My doctors ran blood tests and could not find anything out of the ordinary and told me to reduce my stress levels and take anti-depressants because I was just depressed. I took the anti-depressants for over a year and felt even worse, even gaining 15 pounds in the process. I had a very difficult time working and staying alert and focused during the day. I was unable to sleep through the night without waking up several times and was very fatigued in the morning. I also took lots of over the counter pain relievers which made my stomach upset. I knew something was wrong, but nobody could tell me what it was. I decided to try nutrition therapy and QRA. After the QRA session, I was informed of possible causes for my illness.

Apparently, I had heavy metal and chemical exposures, along with parasites and other infections in my body. For 8 months I went through several detox sessions and took herbs and nutrients to remove the chemicals, heavy metals, and infections. It was really a lot of work but well worth every bit of effort! I slowly started feeling more energy, the depression lifted, and I was able to sleep through the night and feel rested in the morning. I’m no longer taking any prescription or over the counter medications.

Now I feel normal again and can’t believe the difference! I’m glad I was able to get to the root of the problem, fix it, and start living my life again. Thank you so much for helping me!

Another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine!


Severe Neck Pain Testimonial

Severe Neck Pain Testimonial by Robert of Lake Mary, FL

Severe Neck Pain Testimonial:  During the time that Nutritionist, Dr. Veon, has been treating me with nutrition and acupuncture treatments, she has enabled me to eliminate my dependence on destructive pharmaceutical protocols for stomach acid, cholesterol, blood pressure and anxiety medications. She has also helped me eliminate severe neck, shoulder and elbow pain.

Dr. Veon has excellent communication skills and is empathic. She is intensely focused and researches beyond what anyone I have encountered in the medical profession in order to help her patients. Friends I have recommended to her have commented on this attribute. I have, and will continue to be treated by her. I highly endorse her for anyone with conditions she treats.

Another Great Testimonial by one of our valued patients!

Thanks Robert – we appreciate your willingness to share your experiences with new potential patients. Hopefully this inspires them to call us and schedule an appointment to help trea their ailments. Thanks Again! – Dr Kathy Veon with Central Florida Preventive Medicine based in Lake Mary Florida and proudly serving all of Central Florida and beyond! Therefore, we are commited to finding the best treatment for your ailment.


Back Pain Relief Testimonial

Back Pain Relief Testimonial

Back Pain Relief Testimonial:  “Dr. Veon’s acupuncture techniques are so simple and yet extremely effective, they’ll turn even the most chronic acupuncture skeptic into a believer.”

“Thank you for giving me my life back! For the past six months I’ve struggled with pain, weakness and numbness due to a lumbar disc herniation and annular tear.” Immediately after the injury and consulting with a conventional doctor I had epidural injections which gave me only slight relief. With acupuncture I now have minimal numbness, the pain immediately disappears after my sessions allowing me to participate in my Physical Therapy and heal.

If you are considering an alternative less invasive gentle healing you need look no further. I’m enjoying the relief from pain and back to the activities I love!

Back Pain Relief Testimonial from a Florida Resident which prefers to remain anonymous. We were proud to treat this patient that was suffering from long-time painful back issues.

Back Pain Relief  is a big problem for some people but more especially retirees. We are amazed to have another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine in Lake Mary Florida.



Stop Smoking Testimonial

Stop Smoking Testimonial by Sheri in Orlando, Florida

Stop Smoking Testimonial: I had tried everything and as a smoker for 25 years had almost given up. You were truly my “last ditched” effort. That being said, I was desperate and hopeful for this to work. I wanted to quit but I loved to smoke, the bittersweet addiction.

It’s been a huge struggle for me since my Mother passed away at age 57 of lung cancer in 2003. I knew I had to do something but the overwhelming feeling of anxiety every time I thought about quitting was overpowering. Well, I have been smoke free since my first visit with you. I have not had so much as a puff nor do I plan to ever again!!!

I am happy to say I am a non-smoker and have never been happier for it.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program you offer and I have sent a few fellow smokers your way. I am hopeful that I can get in there for a treatment here or there because it was truly an amazing experience that I enjoyed very much. It’s important that you know that you are making a difference!!

Sheri in Orlando Florida – Stop Smoking Testimonial

Another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine


Arm Pain Relief Testimonial

Arm Pain Relief Testimonial from Amelia, Orlando, FL

Arm Pain Relief Testimonial: I had pain and achiness in my left arm and hand for 6 years. I went to Dr. Veon for acupuncture and nutrition therapy to treat the pain. The treatments were great and I felt I had more energy and slept more deeply, but the pain would usually return about a week or two after the acupuncture visit. She suggested that the reason for my pain was emotional. I did 2 sessions of EVOX Therapy to first clear my father, and then my mother in the second visit.

After the session to clear my mother, the pain in my left arm completely went away. I don’t know how it works, but I am still pain free after 2 years. Nothing else had worked on the pain except the emotional clearing treatments. I was so surprised to learn that emotional trauma can cause physical pain.

Thanks Amelia for Arm Pain Relief Testimonial – Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine.

Thanks for reading this great patient testimonial, we understand that arm pain is no fun to have to live with. Hopefully, Dr Kathy Veon can help you too. Schedule an appointment today with her.


Foot Pain Relief Testimonial

Foot Pain Relief Testimonial from Victoria in Orlando Florida

Victoria – Orlando Florida – Another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine!

Foot Pain Relief Testimonial:  I was in a car accident 34 years ago and broke my right leg just above the ankle. I have had stiffness and pain in the area since the accident and my foot was always swollen and painful. For the past 8 years, I have needed a cane to walk. I went to Dr. Veon and she told me that I needed to mudpack the old injury.

She did the cation mudpack in the office. That day I needed a cane to walk into her office, and when I left her office, I did not need a cane at all. I still had some stiffness, but I could walk normally and my foot was not painful at all. The next day I woke up with no pain, stiffness or swelling anywhere on my leg or foot. I am still pain free a year after the treatment! I do not need a cane anymore.

Another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon! Learn more about Dr Veon on Linkedin now.

Thanks, Victoria – Orlando Florida for great feedback!


Asthma Relief Testimonial

Asthma Relief Testimonial by Steven of Longwood Florida

Asthma Relief Testimonial:  I am an 11 year old male who has suffered for over 5 years of chronic bronchitis, asthma, and allergies. Daily, I have been taking an advair and albuterol inhaler for the last 6 months just to try to participate in my daily phys-ed class. My asthma would keep me from enjoying bike riding and sports activities.

After 3 treatments and an herbal supplement I am happy to say I no longer use advair or albuterol.  Acupuncture has helped me to enjoy the things that kids without asthma enjoy. I also found out that acupuncture does not hurt and is relaxing. I always fall asleep during my treatments. I would encourage other kids to try it too.

Thanks So Much Steven! 

Asthma treatments for a young boy taht worked by Dr Kathy Veon. Another positive review for potential Central Florida Preventive Medicine patients to read when deciding what type of treatment will work best for them. Hopefully, this Longwood Florida resident has made an impact on you to call us for a medical appointment to determine what is the best solution for your ailment.  Call us today and always remember that Dr Kathy Veon is dedicated to your health and wellness.


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