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Healing by Dr. Kathy VeonTo make an appointment or if you have questions regarding services offered and how they may benefit you, please call 407-328-6711 or email:

***New patients must provide a credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX) deposit of $100 to secure and confirm the appointment time. Please understand that between 1 – 3 hours are set aside just for you, and it is important that you can commit to the time that you have scheduled.***

If you need to cancel or reschedule any appointment, you may do so within 48 hours of your appointment time to avoid a cancellation fee and / or receive a full refund of the New Patient Appointment Deposit. The cancellation fee is the full price of the scheduled visit.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and understanding of our office policies and pricing.

If you are scheduling for Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine and QRA: specialty labs, functional medicine bloodwork and other laboratory tests may be recommended and ordered so they are available for review at the New Patient Visit.  The need for these additional tests will be determined after a brief interview at the time of scheduling.   Additional lab tests or specialty labs may be recommended after the first visit as a result of findings during the in-office testing procedures (Bi-Digital O-Ring Test / BDORT) of all command center (mu/shu) points on the body, as well as classical and traditional Asian medicine diagnostic methods.  I utilize the best testing and diagnostic methods of both physical/biochemical and energetic medicine.  Muscle testing organ and gland points, as well as meridian and energy centers, often reveals imbalances before they manifest in the physical or on traditional lab work.  Proactive nutritional, herbal or other holistic therapies can be employed as a preventive and supportive measure to potentially avoid a full blown disease state.  Traditional lab work is utilized to confirm and quantify specific biochemical values and also reveal root cause predispositions as to how the body utilizes nutrients from a genetic (nutrigenomic) viewpoint.  Combining physical and biochemical medicine with energetic medicine can provide wisdom and guidance for a more complete healing experience, and the long-term maintenance of optimal health.  Learn more about Laboratory Assessments.  

If you are scheduling for NAET, it is important that you clear the Basic 15 prior to treating other allergies or sensitivities.  The body must be able to utilize macronutrients / micronutrients properly, which supports all metabolic processes, in order to promote healing and a return to optimal health.  After the Basic 15 are cleared, all additional categories including: foods, food additives, digestive enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, drugs and medications, addictions, organs, glands, bacteria, viruses, parasites, environmental toxins and chemicals, heavy metals, mold / mycotoxins, environmental allergies, vaccines, variants, radiation / EMFs, neurotransmitters, emotions, energy meridians, sound and color reintegration therapy, gemstone therapy, etc. can be addressed with greater success. Basic 15 items must be treated individually.  The number of Basic 15 items that must be cleared is determined through testing during the first visit.  Most patients do not need to have all 15 items treated.   Once the Basic 15 are cleared, many patients can be treated for, and cleared of, up to 15 items in a single visit.  Testing is always performed to determine the appropriate number of items that can be treated in one visit.  

Insurance companies do not offer full payment for the valuable holistic healing services and therapies offered.  ***We do not file insurance claims for patients, nor do we accept payment from claims made to insurance companies.***  

Pricing for working with Dr Veon

Appointments are available Monday – Thursday between 10am to 5pm.

Payment is by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover, Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account), Check or Cash. Full payment is expected at the time of service. Insurance companies do not offer full payment for the valuable holistic healing services and therapies offered.  ***We do not file insurance claims for patients, nor do we accept payment from insurance companies / claims.***  

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