14-16 October 2022: Conference: 5G WIRELESS COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES: RISKS AND PERSPECTIVES – Environmental Health Trust



The conference program provides an overview of the current state of the 5G / wireless communication technologies debate from various perspectives. An introduction to the recently finished, pioneering international study ATHEM 3 is followed by presentations in the areas of “Humanity and the Environment” as well as “Challenges in Science Policy and Society.” The conference will conclude with a panel discussion on “Perspectives” with representatives from politics and public life. The three-day event will provide plenty of space for conversations and meetings. An engaging cultural program by the Goethe Museum accompanies the conference. The conference will be livestreamed online. We welcome all participants to join the conversation on progress toward technologies that are compatible with human health and the environment. Kompetenzinitiative e.V. Management Team

Participants can attend in person and online. There will be a simultaneous translation in English and German.

Please see the program here.

FRIDAY, 14 OCTOBER 2022, 9:15 A.M. – 9:45 A.M. From Goethe to the Ecological Crisis of the Present – Looking Back at 15 Years of the Kompetenzinitiative e.V. From Goethe to modern debates on progress – this sounds like quite a leap. Yet Goethe and writings of the modern age have repeatedly explored the issue of scientific technical progress. Modern literary awareness is familiar with discoveries or innovations of progress as well as with its ambiguities and risks. The presentation will address several of these aspects and also explain the key motivation for establishing the interdisciplinary work of the Kompetenzinitiative e.V. 15 years ago.

The  Competence Initiative for the Protection of People, Environment and Democracy e. V.  is an international, interdisciplinary and non-partisan association of scientists, doctors, lawyers and technicians. It is committed to modern health and environmental protection, especially in the field of mobile and communications radio.

Details at https://kompetenzinitiative.com/duesseldorf-2022/