Canary In a Gold Mine Film on Wireless Radiation Effects – Environmental Health Trust


Piti Theatre’s Film  “Canary in a Gold Mine”

 “Canary in a Gold Mine” is a 21st century love letter as well as a wakeup call to the risks of 24/7 wireless exposure. A unique blend of theater and documentary, “Canary” uses a comedic lens to explore fatherhood, marriage and environmental health.

Watch Canary in a Gold Mine online here. 

About Piti Theatre

Founded in 2004 by American playwright/performer Jonathan Mirin and Swiss choreographer/designer Godelieve Richard, piti (pronounced “pea-tea”) is an ancient Indian (Pali) word translatable as “joy” or “rapture.” Piti programming plants seeds of joy, sustainability and justice. The troupe has received the Suzy Polucci Food and Justice Award, been nominated twice for an Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Award, received the Children’s Theater Foundation of America’s Aurand Harris Fund Award as well as Club Passim’s Iguana Fund Award for their collaboration with musician Carrie Ferguson.