Canary in a Gold Mine Post-Show Panel with Claudia Alick, Theodora Scarato and Dr. David Carpenter Cell phone Radiation – Environmental Health Trust


“Canary in a Gold Mine” is a poignant performance about his journey of understanding the symptoms that his wife, Swiss choreographer/designer Godeliève Richard, started experiencing from wireless radiation.

Jonathan of Piti Theatre uses a comedic lens to explore fatherhood, marriage, and environmental health. The must watch show, which premiered earlier this year, was well received at the Ko Fest, so much so that he’s held command performances and it’s now available to stream on demand.

Jonathan shares his experience and the art of telling a difficult story about the severe neurological symptoms triggered by exposure to EMFs. He will discuss the disconnect between the passionate embrace of wireless technology by society and his own need to become a public health advocate as Godeliève’s electro-hypersensitivity (a.k.a. “microwave sickness”) worsens. Jonathan fashioned a 21st century love letter as well as a wakeup call to the risks of 24/7 wireless exposure.

Ko Festival of Performance is sharing ““Canary in a Gold Mine” as a streaming event available on demand.

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