Cell Tower Companies Warn Their Shareholders of the Risk Related to Damages From Radiation Health Effects – Environmental Health Trust


Cell Tower Companies Warn Their ShareHolders of Risk But Not the People Living Near Cell Towers

Almost all wireless companies from Verizon, T Mobile to Vodafone warn their shareholders of risk from lawsuits related to the RF radiation but they do not warn the people who live next to their RF emitting equipment. 

EHT has a factsheet on legal liability issues which is hyperlinked to all sources. Please download and share it in your community and with your decision makers. 

Cell towers, 5G and wireless networks are an uninsurable risk. 

  • Insurers rank wireless, cell tower, and 5G RFR non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation as a “high” risk, comparing the issue to lead and asbestos.
  • Most insurance plans have “electromagnetic field exclusions” and do not insure for long-term RFR damages.
  • Additionally, some insurance plans will not provide a defense for any supervision instruction or recommendation given “or which should have been given” in connection to EMFs.
  • Wireless RFR and non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation are defined as a type of “pollution” by wireless companies themselves.
  • U.S. mobile operators have been unable to get insurance to cover liabilities related to damages from long-term RFR exposure.

Download the briefing on Legal and liability issues of 5G and cell towers hyperlinked to sources.