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Electromagnetic waves, for better or for worse? (FRENCH)

They are odorless, invisible and yet they are there. Microwaves, wifi, mobile telephony, never has a technology developed so quickly… Electromagnetic waves have been deployed without any scientific research measuring the effects on health and the environment… and the market has been more faster than research. Today, the studies contradict each other.

Digital development, yes, but at what cost? Today, we want to be able to capture everywhere with our mobile phone, but the subject causes suspicion on the part of citizens. Should we be afraid of these waves or does psychosis take precedence over scientific rationality? Should electro-hypersensitivity, which seems to affect not only humans, but also animal species, open the debate?

To talk about it, we welcome Michèle Rivasi, MEP EELV; Michel Combot, Director General of the French Federation of Telecoms and Pierre Dockès, Emeritus Professor at the University Lumière Lyon-2 and member of the Circle of Economists.

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