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This documentary provides a fascinating reminder of life just a decade ago.

Research shows adverse effects from cell phone radiation.

  • A Yale study funded by the American Cancer Society found elevated thyroid cancer risk in heavy cell phone users with specific genetic susceptibilities (Luo et al. 2020). 
  • A  2020 meta analysis found that cell phone users cumulative cell phone use over 1000 hours statistically significantly increased tumor risk (Choi et al 2020).  
  • Several publications assert that the current body of evidence has significantly increased and cell phone radiation is proven Group 1 human carcinogen (Miller et al 2018, Peleg et al 2018 Carlberg and Hardell 2017, Belpomme et al 2018,)  
  • The Environmental Working Group published a landmark study analyzing the findings of tumor and heart damage in the National Toxicology Program study and concluded that FCC limits should be strengthened by 200 to 400 times to protect children according to current risk assessment guidelines (Uche 2021). 
  • Research has found  women who carry cellphones in the bra have elevated breast cancer risk (West et al 2013, Shih et al 2020). 


Nervous System Impacts 

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics has long recommended that U.S. wireless radiation regulations be updated to protect children and pregnant women as U.S, regulations are based on an adult male (a 220-pound man’s head, not a child’s smaller head).  (Ghandi 2012, AAP 2012 & 2013).