FAA Says 5G May Have Been Source of In-Flight Avionic Failures – In Compliance Magazine – Environmental Health Trust


“According to an article published on the Flight Global website, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) suspects that new 5G cellular installations may have been the source of approximately 80 separate instances of aircraft system interference this year. The FAA reportedly told Flight Global that “none of these (cases) resulted in safety-related effects, and none affected a direct aircraft control input such as autothrottle or speed breaks/spoilers”

Collected by the government’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), the reports list about 50 cases of radio altimeter problems. Others detail failures of altimeter-dependent avionics and cockpit systems, and many involved multiple system malfunctions. Numerous incidents occurred at low altitudes during critical phases of flight. By comparison, pilots reported just three radio altimeter failures in all of 2021.

Read more at the  Flight Global article on the potential connection between 5G and avionic failures.

NOTE ON WIRELESS RADIATION: There is now substantial published, peer-reviewed scientific evidence indicating that wireless radiation can have a variety of harmful effects–even at exposure levels that meet governments wireless radiation limits. Hundreds of research studies have linked wireless RFR to numerous effects, including impacts to memory, brain development, reproduction, behavior, emotional problems, headaches, and DNA, as well as increased thyroid cancer and brain tumor risk.