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Remembering Nearfield is an international animated film and is a finalist at the Lisbon Film Rendezvous festival with a November public screening and has been nominated a Finalist at the Rome Prisma Film Awards 2023 and Istanbul Golden Bridge Short Film Festival. It has also been selected by the Golden Short Film Festival in Avezzano, Italy.

A wife and entrepreneur devoted to her family and business tragically loses everything as her health mysteriously declines. Why is she now left alone and unable to function in society? She finds out the answer through a series of events and a final, uncomfortable diagnosis. How was she crippled by a taboo disability that has surprisingly been reported for over 100 years? The weight of the stigma attached to the disability is shocking, as is the increasing reporting of the condition in the population. In this frank and revealing animated film we come to understand the human rights issues, the deep anxieties, the sense of vulnerability and search for remedy in the face of such steep adversity. We come face to face with a woman who is like everybody else, because she had thought it was “crazy” to be ill in this way and could never have happened to her. We are all taking our chances with our health, just like she did and this urgent story needs to be told, because there is little help or acceptance for those struggling to live with this inconvenient disability. Sadly, we have invited the problem and must stake steps to tame the destructive influence on our health.

A true story, animated over a recorded EHS testimony. The animated character expressing the testimony was designed by Sean A. Carney. Multilingual subtitles can be activated. The film was officially selected and nominated a “Monthly Pick” at the Rome Prisma Film Awards 2023.

A new film breaking taboos about disability shines in Rome, Lisbon, and Istanbul 


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Remembering Nearfield is a short, animated film by UK film producer Sean A. Carney that gives electrohypersensitivity (EHS) a powerful voice. Entered into 88 international film festivals the film is already garnering much interest in festivals in Rome, Istanbul, and Lisbon.

Carney believes animation “can be a profound social game-changer, powerful enough in some cases to dissolve taboos and start important conversations.” He adds, “We need to transcend unhelpful taboos relating to EMF harm to see EHS for what it is – a real problem affecting real people in the real world.” Carney hopes his film will put this often-neglected disability forefront in the minds of his audience.

EHS is estimated to afflict 26.5 million Europeans alone restricting access to employment and necessitating social withdrawal to avoid exposure. Remembering Nearfield’s narrator, Corriëlle van Vuuren, delivers an eye-opening chronicle of her own journey into unexpected ill-health with an eventual diagnosis of EHS. Carney preserves and enhances her raw statement with brilliantly poignant animation.

This film was made because education matters. Internationally acclaimed neuroscientist Professor Olle Johansson formerly of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, had this to say: “For an academic scientist like myself, it is always very impressive to see skilled movie makers, artists, and performers, summarize in less than 10 minutes a staggering 45 years of research!”

Carney hopes his film will “speak for itself” and start an urgent global conversation about EHS. Your valued support of the film is most welcome. You are invited to generate positive publicity and begin conversations that will catalyse understanding, tolerance, and inclusivity as we work together to bring clarity and solutions to bear on the issue of EHS.

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