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Measure Cell Tower and Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation: All About EMF Meters and How to Use Them

A Presentation by Rob Metzinger from Safe Living Technologies 

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Join the LIVE Presentation by Rob Metzinger from Safe Living Technologies 

Learn how to measure the wireless radiation inside and outside your home. 

Rob Metzinger, President and Founder of Safe Living Technologies, will share the different types of Radiofrequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meters, how to use them to measure your own exposure at home, and more! The discussion will also include how to implement and test mitigation techniques. Rob is the Founder and President of Safe Living Technologies, as well as a leading expert on measuring and evaluating RF and EMF exposure. Join us to learn from the best in the field!

As always, we recommend watching from a wired connection.

EHT is thankful to partner with Safe Living Technologies, Inc. (SLT). SLT provides top of the line and user friendly EMF meters, shielding materials, and more. They regularly work with and support those with electrical sensitivity, and are renowned for their extensive knowledge.  

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About Rob:

Rob Metzinger is by trade an Electronics Engineering Technologist. Mr. Metzinger has 20+ years of experience as an independent corporate electronics field service engineer. This has yielded him a strong background in electrical and electronic problem solving. Rob is also a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, as well as a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist through the institute of Building Biology. Rob is currently the President of Safe Living Technologies, Inc. and one of Canada’s most experienced EMR Technologists. He is also a factory certified Gigahertz Solutions Test Equipment Technician and Instructor. Rob has taken his 18 years of experience in the field of Electromagnetic Radiation to the next level and has become an instructor at the Building Biology Institute USA since 2010.  To contact Rob, please visit www.safelivingtechnologies.com.

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