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Environmental Health Trust is a scientific non profit focused on raising awareness of preventable health risks. Here are some news articles featuring EHTs science based information.

New Hampshire Lawmakers Consider Cell Tower Restrictions

“Theodora Scarato, executive director of the Environmental Health Trust, said many federal agencies and public health organizations have failed to come up with modern limits for permissible levels of radiofrequency (RF) energy from cell phones.”

New Canaan P&Z recommends more research before approving cell tower on school property

ProPublica: How the FCC Shields Cellphone Companies From Safety Concerns

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., disagreed. Responding to a pair of lawsuits filed by the Environmental Health Trust and other activist groups, the court ruled in August 2021 that the FCC had failed to meet “even the low threshold of reasoned analysis” in finding that its limits “adequately protect against the harmful effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation unrelated to cancer.” 

ProPublica: Ericsson Partnered With Girl Scouts to Push 5G Technology — ProPublica

The Environmental Health Trust, a …nonprofit which first spotted the Ericsson program, recently sent a letter of protest to the Girl Scouts’ national office, saying the patch materials “misleadingly state that 5G networks and cellphones are safe,” and urging their removal from all Girl Scout websites. The ten signers included “former Girl Scouts and parents of Scouts,” the chair of the obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences department at Yale’s medical school, the former president of Microsoft Canada and a Swedish scientist who has conducted influential epidemiological studies on cellphone radiation.

Does the Earth need protection from 5G?

Pittsfield City Council to Revisit Cell Tower Conversation Next Week

Dolly Parton Carries Her Phone in Her Bra: ‘I Have Enough Space to Hold It’Acupuncture Today’s EMF Exposures: Adverse Effects on Patient Health and Outcomes 

Technology has to be safer, Letter to Editor by Marcus Williams, The Gibson Herald

Researcher cites ‘significant risks’ of cellphone radiation in presentation to Lenox Board of Health, by Clarence Fanto, The Berkshire Eagle

Opinion: Wi-Fi at state parks threatens health, wildlife – The Cap Times

York Water District signs off on AT&T cell antenna proposal, despite objections – By Dan Bancroft The York Weekly

We cannot wait for public policy to catch up to science – Cranston Herald 

Technology World Explores Impact On Student Health

Board of Health issues Verizon a cease-and-desist order for ‘unfit’ tower but now needs $84k to defend it | Wireless Estimator

Letter: Thinking York cell antenna proposal is safe is like thinking Ivermectin is safe By Torbert Macdonald – Seacoast Onlineza

“When Scarato was asked about how far apart towers should be to reduce risk, she referred to the bill under review in New Hampshire that recommends a distance of 1,500 feet. “The problem here is that no federal agency is doing these studies on the least harmful distances or measuring the levels of radiation caused by 5G technology.”

6 books to understand climate change and how we got there | Deccan Herald

“When smoke ran like water:  Written by a renowned epidemiologist, Devra Davis, the book documents her fight against environmental pollution. It is based on a massive public health disaster that was caused by polluting companies in the US, an incident …”

Montgomery: controversia por las antenas 5G, El Tiempo Latino 

Radio Frequency Suits Force FCC To Address Health Impact, Law360. 

Tahoe Planning Agency Approves Ski Run Cell Tower Application, Tahoe Daily Tribune. 

Hotly Contested Ski Run Cell Tower Gets Approved For the Fourth Time, Inside Towers. 


Animal Doctor: Pet health concerns: Electronic devices, Dr. Michael Fox, Tulsa World

Medical and tech experts warn against gifting smartphones and wi-fi enabled toys to children – Your Island News

Dr. Fox: Pet health concerns: Electronic devices | Pets |

How green is 5G? | Envirotec 

“The Environmental Health Trust has compiled a list of the latest research indicating harm to wildlife from wireless radiation. Organizations such as the Environmental Health Trust are pushing for increased use of wired solutions such as broadband and fiber optics in homes, schools and offices. Wired tech, maintains its proponents, is not only RFR-free but it uses less energy than wireless, is faster and more secure, and could better bridge the digital divide.”-How green is 5G? | Envirotec 


“Choose safe toys for your children, not wi-fi connected toys or smartphones,” is the message the Environmental Health Trust is sharing after recently winning a victory in the U.S. Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia Circuit.”

A wireless bylaw to improve cell reception? Debate intensifies in Lenox as opponents urge caution | Central Berkshires |

An Epidemiologist/Toxicologist Has Launched A Crusade To Educate The Public On The Dangers Of Wireless Radiation – ValueWalk  

Study: Governments Should Be Testing 5G & Proving It’s Safe Before Exposing Humanity To It – The Pulse

Where I Stand: No cell towers near schools, homes, hospitals – Plumas News

Think Wireless Technology is Safe Read the Fine Print Warnings, 360 Mag

NOT JUST HUMANS: Scientists say 5G radiation is killing animals and wildlife – Environ News

Research Suggests Cell Tower Radiation Harms Wildlife – Public News Service

Research suggests cell-tower radiation harms wildlife – Kiowa County Press – Eads, Colorado, Newspaper

 Keep phone away from brain and body, asks Environmental Health Trust, The European Times

1 March 2022 –  Residents’ Concerns Over Cell Towers Mount, Beachcomber.  

2 March 2022 – How humans manipulate electronic and magnetic fields – The Island News

9 March 2022 “Federal Court Instructs FCC to Review Electromagnetic Radiation Standards” by Barbara Koeppel of the Washington Spectator 

14 March 2022 – How To Protect Yourself From Your Cell Phone 2022– Bollyinside 

21 March 2022- Calls For Stronger Look at Fertility-Radiation Link – Public News Service (PNS)

“Experts are calling on the FCC to consider recent studies linking fertility problems to radio-frequency radiation from cellphones and other wireless devices.

The Environmental Health Trust just placed five additional studies onto the FCC docket, which found wireless radio frequency (RF) radiation can impact the ovaries and reduce testosterone. Dr. Devra Davis, president of the Trust, said RF radiation can lead to deformed sperm with swimming difficulties.” 

29  March 2022 Your new neighbor, a cell tower, may impact the value of your home by Lyle Laver for The National Business Post

24 March 2022 – Children, screen time and health mandates – David Marinelli | Times of Malta

18 April 2022 The Global Electrical Circuit: Enabling the Digital Epidemic – The Good Men Project

25 April 2022 – Board of Health issues Verizon a cease-and-desist order for ‘unfit’ tower but now needs $84k to defend it –  Wireless Estimator

8 May 2022 – Residents Raise Health Issues Caused By 5G Wireless Technology – Newtown, PA Patch

10 May 2022 – Prolonged exposure to magnetic fields — high voltage power lines, electric blankets and other appliances — linked to a type of childhood leukemia: Study –

June 2022- Is Your Cell Phone Dangerous: Seven Ways to Reduce Exposure M Palo Alto Silicon Valley 

  “EHT recently won a lawsuit against the FCC that demanded the FCC re-examine the growing body of scientific evidence on their record indicating health risks from the wireless radiation of cell phones, smart speakers, and Wi-Fi. The court specifically mandated the FCC to address issues of children’s vulnerability, long term exposure and modern-day technologies. “ 

4 June 2022 Scientists studied 750 thousand. women to find out if cell phones cause cancer. The results are controversial – Medonet

Journal of the National Cancer Institute Publishes Expert Letter Questioning Report of No Brain Cancer from Cell Phones , Lifestyle Maverick Quote “Leading Yale physician, former director of NIEHS and environmental health experts caution that “million women” cell phone cancer study is flawed.”

Keep phone away from brain and body, asks Environmental Health Trust – The European Times

Study Finds High Radiofrequency Radiation on Streets of Downtown Columbia, South Carolina from Cell Antennas, including 4G and 5G. – La Familia de Broward

DC Circ. Orders FCC To Revisit Possible 5G Wireless Harms, Kelcee Griffis, Law 360

D.C. Court Smacks Down FCC Decision to Keep 5G RF Emission Standards, By John Eggerton, NEXT | TV 

FCC Ordered to Explain Cell Phone Radiation Guidelines (2), Maya Earls, Bloomberg Law

Court orders FCC to revisit its safety guidelines for RF radiation, By Linda Hardesty, Fierce Wireless

Jackson Hole-based Environmental Health Trust wins lawsuit against FCC over radiation guidelines, by Tom Hallberg, Jackson Hole Daily

Court orders FCC to reconsider RF radiation limits on mobile devices – Telecompaper

 EHT Case Referenced in Letter to the Editor, Marin Independent Journal

Court Orders FCC to Explain Why it Ignored Scientific Evidence Showing Harm From Wireless Radiation, East County Magazine

“RF Safety Brief Filed in DC Circuit”, August 3, 2020

TR Daily News: FCC Ignored Health Impacts of Inadequate RF Limits, July. 30, 2020 

Law 360: FCC Ignoring Evidence Of Wireless Tech Harms, DC Circ. Told, July 31, 2020

Consumer Electronics Daily, RF Safety Group Says FCC Rules Are Based on Old Science; Asks Court to Order Update, July 31, 2020

Law and Crime “Scientists Sue FCC for Dismissing Studies Linking Cell Phone Radiation to Cancer.” 

September 28, 2019 – Cancer-causing radiation fuels 5G opposition to RF (radio frequency). But is it true? – USA Today 

“The Environmental Health Trust argues there is evidence linking RF radiation from cellphone towers to cellular damage that alters brain activity and causes cancer, hearing loss and fertility issues.”

October 2, 2019 – The Great Small-Cell Debate – Severna Park Voice

  “Industry leaders plan to deploy as many as 800,000 towers in neighborhoods and historic districts around the country by 2026. Scarato talked about the science behind 5G and about current policy initiatives during a talk on September 25 in Silver Spring.”

October 3, 2019 – To 5G, or not to 5G? – Bailiwick Express Guernsey Edition

October 4, 2019 – Facts Show Health Dangers of Wireless Radiation – Webster-Kirkwood TIMES

October 28, 2019 – The Devon campaigners worried about the safety of new 5G phone network – Devon Live 

  “There is plenty of information online questioning the safety of 5G. The Environmental Health Trust, based in the United States where the technology is also being introduced, describes itself as an independent think-tank promoting a healthier environment. It published a clip on YouTube in which a government committee is told there is no ongoing industry-funded research into the health effects of 5G technology. “We’re kind of flying blind here, as far and health and safety is concerned,” Senator Richard Blumenthal comments.”

November 19, 2019 – Cape Florida new cell towers – Islander News

November 21, 2019 – Health Experts Warn Black Friday Shoppers – Patch

December 4, 2019 – FCC Maintains Existing RF Exposure Limits – TR Daily

December 5, 2019 – FCC to Retain RF Emission Standards – Multichannel News

“The FCC decision flies in the face of mounting scientific evidence demonstrating harm,” said Devra Davis, president of the Environmental Health Trust, which pushed for more stringent standards. “The U.S. actions run counter to progressive decisions of sophisticated governments that have denoted major resources to evaluating new evidence on the issue and have taken steps to curtail exposures as a result of their findings.”

December 5, 2019 – FCC Says 5G Doesn’t Pose New Cellphone-Radiation Threats – Wall Street Journal

December 6, 2019 – The Promise of 5G Comes with a Regulatory Headache and Health Risk Concerns – WAMU 88.5

December 13, 2019 – Fitness trackers for kids: Weighing the pros and cons of wearable technology – CTV News 

December 13, 2019 – Cell Phone Radiation Damages DNA in Mice: Are Humans At Risk, Too? – Reader’s Digest

December 17, 2019 – Dr. Devra Davis warns of a massive rise in deaths, with climate change impacts like the NSW bushfires – The Canberra Times

December 20, 2019 – FCC says tests find cellphones comply with federal limits on radiofrequency radiation – Chicago Tribune

January 11, 2020 – There are still opportunities: UN expert calls for Australia to lead in renewables – The Sydney Morning Herald

January 14, 2020 – St. Louis group pushes back over privacy, health concerns of 5G industrial revolution – Gateway Journalism Review

January 16, 2020 – Concerns about 5G technology draw a crowd of skeptics in Stamford – Connecticut Post

January 21, 2020 – From smog to smoke to sustainable wellbeing – Policy Forum

February 4, 2020 – Scientists Sue FCC for Dismissing Studies Linking Cell Phone Radiation to Cancer; Law & Crime

February 5, 2020 – Nonprofit sues FCC for ignoring science on cell phone radiation; Futurism

Stop 5G International – We Do Not Consent to 5G – Featuring Dr. Davis and EHT

March 2, 2020 – Radio-frequency radiation: The invisible threat – Collegiate Times

March 30, 2020 – Lawsuits Fight to Change Federal wireless Safety Standards – The Epoch Times

May 20, 2020 – Town of Farragut Resolution Petitions State and Federal Government to Halt 5G Pending FCC Reevaluation of Decades-Old Standards – Tennessee Star

While researchers agree they don’t yet fully understand the potential ramifications RF radiation exposure could have on human health, these studies and others like them indicate there is cause for concern. According to the Environmental Health Trust Database of World Wide Policies on Cell Phones, Wireless and Health, 45 countries or governing bodies have issued health warnings in regard to RF radiation.

June 8, 2020: FCC’s Johnson: 5G RF ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Could be Catastrophic – Multichannel News