New Educational Modules on Children and Screens Developed by Pediatric Occupational Therapist Cris Rowan – Environmental Health Trust


The ways in which we are raising and educating children with technology are not sustainable. One in 3 children enter school developmentally delayed, 1 in 4 are obese or overweight, 1 in 5 have a diagnosed mental illness, 3 out of 4 are sleep deprived and 1 in 11 are addicted to screens. The time has come where parents, teachers and clinicians need to team together to launch ground breaking initiatives to reduce child use of screen through enhanced engagement in healthy activities.

Cris Rowan is a pediatric occupational therapist, biologist, international speaker, author and passionate about changing the ways in which children use screens. For the past 25 years Cris has provided over 350 workshops in this area for children, teens, parents, educators and clinicians. Iin light of Covid, Cris recently completed conversion of all of her workshops (13 in total) to webinars.

Cris is pleased to announce the launch of Reconnect Webinars which offers over 75 hours of research referenced and strategy focused information for teens, parents, teachers, clinicians and workers. There are 3 categories of webinars: Child Development series, Technology Management series and Workplace Ergonomic series.

The Reconnect Webinars – Technology Management series which provides training and certification in Balanced Technology Management for teens, parents, teachers and clinicians. This course includes interviews with Dr. Hilarie Cash, Dr. Doug Gentile, Jean Rogers, Mary Sharpe, Frank Clegg, Phyllis Dyson, Dr. Kerry Crofton, Melanie Hempe, Lisa Cline, Joe Clements, Theodora Scarato, and Katie Singer.

The Technology Management course consists of X  12 modules each ~ 3 hours in length along with a 3.5 hour parent condensed version and a free 5 hour teen version. The Tech Talk for Teens webinar includes a training for the Screenbuster Program where teens become certified to provide Tech Talks for their peers in schools. The Screenbuster Program requires a supervisor (teacher, counsellor or principal) who has completed the 3-day Technology Management for Teachers course and passed certification quizzes. Participants can complete all moduleswhich comprises ~ 3 days, or rather choose what subjects they are most interested in.

Modules 1 (screens stats, expert guidelines, tech trends) and 12 (Reconnect Webinars Tech Tool Kit review) along with the Tech Talk for Teensare Free! To access FREE webinars, learners need to create a learner profile on Reconnect Webinars website which will track progress. Reconnect Webinars is committed to learner privacy so information will not be shared. For those interested in wireless radiation, Module 4 webinar is 2.5 hours of research evidenced info. The Technology Management series comes with PP pdf and the Tech Tool Kit which is 80 pages in length and contains 43 tools including a variety of assessments, educational handouts and treatment regimes.

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I’d be very pleased if you would check out our website Reconnect Webinars and let me know if you have any questions?

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