Nokia is set to launch a 4G internet network on the Moon later this year – Environmental Health Trust


Nokia is set to launch a 4G internet network on the Moon later this year ahead of the Artemis 2 mission in 2024.

According to CNBC, “the aim is to show that terrestrial networks can meet the communications needs for future space missions, Nokia said, adding that its network will allow astronauts to communicate with each other and with mission control, as well as to control the rover remotely and stream real-time video and telemetry data back to Earth.”

Download a briefing on the health effects of 4G, 5G and wireless networks. 

Cell towers, 5G and wireless networks are an uninsurable risk. 

  • Insurers rank wireless, cell tower, and 5G RFR non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation as a “high” risk, comparing the issue to lead and asbestos.
  • Most insurance plans have “electromagnetic field exclusions” and do not insure for long-term RFR damages.
  • Additionally, some insurance plans will not provide a defense for any supervision instruction or recommendation given “or which should have been given” in connection to EMFs.
  • Wireless RFR and non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation are defined as a type of “pollution” by wireless companies themselves.
  • U.S. mobile operators have been unable to get insurance to cover liabilities related to damages from long-term RFR exposure.

Download the briefing on Legal and liability issues of 5G and cell towers hyperlinked to sources.