ORSAA Releases Video on ICNIRP Wireless 5G is Not Safe – Environmental Health Trust


This is from ORSAA at his link 

ORSAA decided to create a video on 5G Safety following a large number of requests from our members and beyond.

Some quotes from the video ……….

“There is no evidence of safety. On the other hand there is a voluminous evidence suggesting a real & present danger of risk to human health……..
… From a cell phone, a single pulse has two edges, a beginning edge and a trailing edge – each edge triggers a physiological response in the brain… each time a pulse goes into the brain, the body is triggered to two responses – 217 pulses per second, 434 edges per second ….. The ICNIRP guidelines are doo-doo” – Professor Andrew Marino

Eighteen research papers by Andrew are in the ORSAA database​. Paper ORSAA ID: 1779 “Mobile-phone pulse triggers evoked potentials” is the one referred to in this video.

This content is from ORSAA  found at his link 


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​”We are exposing ourselves to signals that are in the same language that our brains and bodies use in that they’re electromagnetic but are speaking in a very odd dialect or version that living organisms have never seen before.”                 Dr Martha Herbert.  Martha’s review papers list are shown in spreadsheet below from the ORSAA database.

“With the 5G system setup, the energy load on the grid is going to be much greater” and (ICNIRP) the standard is actually irrelevant”
– Dr Don Maisch Don’s research is shown in spreadsheet below.

“There is no question in my mind that 5 G is not safe ! ………… If  by a smart city do you mean that everything is done using RF fields? That’s not smart.” – Professor David Carpenter. David’s research is shown in spreadsheet below.

​”I have looked into ICNIRP 2020  ………..  You cannot rely on these guidelines they are not correct” – Dr Lennart Hardell. Lennart‘s research is shown in spreadsheet below.

“This technology has not undergone rigorous biological long-term testing” and I believe this 5G rollout is an unethical experiment on humanity and the environment”- Mr Victor Leach. Victor‘s research is shown in spreadsheet below.