Parents Protesting Cell Tower at School Joined by Lawmakers – Environmental Health Trust


In Wyandotte Michigan, parents are successfully protesting the installation of 5G cell antennas on an elementary school.  The story has resulted in near daily news coverage and the superintendent has resigned. 

Nearby, parents in Detroit schools who also have cell antennas on their schools are now voicing their concerns.  See wxyz Detroit parents call for tests to determine radiation exposure from cell antennas on schools 

Wayne State University Professor John Liu called the cell tower  “pure evil” in a recent FOX 2 News Detroit  news report. Professor John Liu was also featured in WXYZ news report stating that, “Radiofrequency from the cellular tower is harmful to people.” 

Lawmakers are joining the conversation, opposed to the cell tower.  U.S Congressman Shri Thanedar released a press statement saying that the cell tower on top of the school is unacceptable and spoke at an expert webinar with legal and science experts.  

Michigan State Representative James Desana is introducing a bill to restrict cell towers at schools. Environmental Health Trust submitted a scientific letter on the health effects of cellular radiation to Representative James Desana  in support of the bill. 

Watch the webinar with U.S Congressman Shri Thanedar,  Michigan Representative James Desana and Wyondotte parents here.

Watch a video of the parents speaking out at a local school board meeting here. 

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