The First Cease and Desist Order Against Verizon Cell Tower To Be Sent on Friday by by Board of Health Pittsfield MA – Environmental Health Trust


The First Cease and Desist Order Against Verizon Cell Tower To Be Sent on Friday by by Board of Health Pittsfield MA

On April 6, 2022, the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Board of Health voted to send a cease and desist order to shut down a Verizon cell tower. The first in the nation order will be sent to Verizon by certified mail on Friday April 8, 2022. The Board took action after families living in the neighborhood of Shacktown near the tower on 877 South Street Pittsfield MA reported wireless radiation-related health issues soon after the tower became operational in 2020. 

Note: the final order is NOT available. When it is issued we will share it. 

The community, supported by physicians and international experts has been working tirelessly to turn the Verizon towers transmissions off. 

Two months ago, the Board voted to issue a cease and desist order but held off from actually sending it to Verizon as they finalized the document and addressed legal issues. Now, they have prepared a final cease and desist. However the Board has  concerns that if Verizon sues the City for the action,  the City Mayor Tyer will not release the funds for legal defense. Thus, yesterdays historic vote was conditioned on the order being withdrawn without prejudice if the board is unable to retain legal counsel prior to any administrative or judicial proceeding.  

Shacktown resident Courtney Gilardi whose two daughters are among the injured stated, “We pray that the Honorable Mayor Tyer supports the Board of Health’s decision and stands with the 17 harmed and the three with cancer. We pray she honor’s the Board of Health’s careful, conscientious and unanimous decision. We pray she frees up funds for the Board to be able to do their work. We pray we are not the collateral damage, the cost of doing business or the disposable people like we have been called. We pray this cease and desist results in the tower being removed.”  Read Courtney Gilardi’s full statement. 

The Board of Health held a Forum on cell tower radiation and health July 2, 2021.


 The Board heard testimony from numerous doctors and experts: 

Two months ago, on February 2, 2022, the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Board of Health had unanimously voted to issue an order but they had not finalized the order and wanted to consult with lawyers before further action. The cease and desist order to Verizon would become effective seven calendar days after the issuance of the order if Verizon fails to notify the Board that they are willing to come to a discussion and demonstrate significant commitment that they will do something “to resolve the issue to the board’s satisfaction.”

This action is the first known cease and desist by a Board of Health in the USA.

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