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When it comes to wireless and wildlife, there is a complete lack of government accountability.  

EHT Executive Director Theodora Scarato asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency if they had reviewed the science on impacts to birds, bees and trees. The EPA wrote back that “the EPA does not have a funded mandate for radiofrequency matters, and we are not aware of any EPA reviews that have been conducted on this topic.”  

FCC and ICNIRP limits were not designed to protect wildlife.  Government agencies are not reviewing the research as we might expect. Environmental Health Trust is working everyday sharing the science and educating lawmakers to protect our human health and the environment.  

What is EHT Doing? 

EHT has written numerous letters regarding the environmental impact of wireless networks. In these letters we highlighted the effects to wildlife and the need for safer earth friendly technologies. 

What does the research say about 5G and cell tower impacts to trees, birds and bees?

How Will 5G Impact the Climate?

5G and the Internet of Things will increase energy consumption and contribute to climate change because of the millions of new cell antennas and billions of new devices. Read EHTs compendium of studies on the increased energy consumption of 5G Download Factsheet on 5G and Climate.

Are Environmental Journalists Writing Articles on This? 

Yes. Here a few of the numerous articles. 

Are Environmental Groups Taking Action? 

Worldwide, numerous environmental groups have written letters and are raising awareness on the unfettered energy consumption of 5G and the impact to trees, bees and wildlife. 

  • The Green Party of California statement on 5G recommending precautions to reduce wireless exposures and promote safer alternative technologies to 5G.  
  • Greenpeace France released a position on 5G  as creating “digital pollution” that will increase carbon emissions, increase e-waste, strip the earth of natural resources and contribute to human tragedies on a global scale.  
  • Ecologists in Action, a major environmental group in Spain issued a position on 5G
  • Extinction Rebellion blocked a Wireless Company store  in Belgium stating, “We are opposed to the large-scale deployment of the 5G mobile telephone network… with 5G, this energy consumption and the resulting effects will double, which is unacceptable while we are currently fighting against global warming.”
  • In France the “Extinction Rebellion Orléans” collective mounted actions such as posting anti-5G posters and a protest. (See also Extinction Rebellion France)
  • The Washington DC Sierra Club testified at the 5G small cell roundtable on the need to protect trees from cell antenna densification. (Video)

Environmental Health Trust has a Youtube playlist on  the environmental impacts of 5G.  EHT works every day to protect your family and the environment. Please donate to support our work.