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The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy has issued guidelines for accommodations of electromagnetic sensitivity (AKA microwave illness or electromagnetic hypersensitivity).  Importantly,  the  Department lists the EMF Medical Conference 2021 as a resource. The EMF 2021 Medical Conference features physicians and scientists working to diagnose and treat people injured by electromagnetic radiation, as well as prevent injury from occurring. Physicians and health professionals can access the online course for continuing education credits.

Environmental Health scientists and policy experts were honored to present at the conference. (See EMF Medical Conference 2021 Schedule)

Click here to see the EMF Medical Conference 2021 on U.S. Department of Labor’s Ask Jan  https://askjan.org/disabilities/Electrical-Sensitivity.cfm#otherinfo


“In everyday medical practice, we are increasingly confronted by patients who suffer adverse health effects directly or indirectly as a consequence of their mobile phone use. There are many potential health risks caused by cell phone use and exposure to antennas. Our challenge is to help our patients by advising them on how to minimize or prevent addictive behavior; how to avoid injuries caused by distraction, i.e. broken bones, and how to prevent eye diseases, and other health problems, that are known to be associated with exposure to radiofrequency radiation.“– Piero Lercher, MD, Lecturer and Dean of the Post Graduate Public Health Program, Medical University, Vienna, Austria

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