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USA Proclamations on Electromagnetic Sensitivity 

Pittsfield Massachusetts Board of Health Order Regarding Injury From Verizon Cell Tower

  • On April 6, 2022, the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Board of Health voted to send a cease and desist order to shut down a Verizon cell tower if Verizon does not respond with meaningful action regarding a cell tower. The Board took action after families living in the neighborhood of Shacktown near a Verizon cell  tower reported wireless radiation-related health issues soon after the tower became operational in 2020.  Seventeen people are reporting injuries linked to the radiation. After sending the Order, the situation became embroiled in a legal battle. 

Peterborough Canada Information Sheet to Accommodate

Peterborough Canada has an information sheet to help organizations accommodate individuals who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity. They recommend – among other things:

  • Temporarily disable City owned WAP devices.
  • Turn off or minimize fluorescent and LED.
  • Notify attendees to set mobile phones to airplane mode.


Headaches, Sleeping Problems, Concentration and Memory problems, Nosebleeds, Extreme thirst, Bad allergies, Unexplained Skin rashes, Digestive Problems, Neurological problems Heart Palpitations, Strong Fatigue, Appetite Loss


Clinicians have developed assessment tools and clinical protocols to assess and treat patients.

Austrian Medical Association

The Austrian Medical Association has developed a guideline for differential diagnosis and treatment of health problems associated with outdoor and indoor electrosmog.

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