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New diagnose:funk publication: Who is entitled to interpret the risks of mobile phone radiation? About campaigns by a cartel of industry, Federal Office for Radiation Protection and ICNIRP


Dear Collegues,

in 2022, there were four media campaigns in Germany with the message: mobile phone radiation is no health risk for children and adults. diagnose:funk proves in the magazine ‘Brennpunkt’ (Focus) that the population was disinformed with these campaigns and reveals the tactics of manipulation.

Whether mobile phone radiation is harmful to health is not only the subject of a debate about the results of research. It is also a debate about product marketing, in this case the multi-billion-dollar business of a key industry. The Brennpunkt on the sovereignty of interpretation of the risks of mobile phone radiation documents in five analyses how research results are manipulated for product marketing and instrumentalised for the disinformation of the population:

  1. the devaluation of the results of the STOA study
  2. the misinterpretation of the results of the of the MOBI Kids Study
  3. the misinterpretation of the UK-Million Women study
  4. the disinformation of the medical profession in the 5G article by the ICNIRP representative Prof. M. Röösli in the journal Aktuelle Kardiologie
  5. the tactics of industry propaganda

On our homepage you will find three more detailed articles on these misinterpretations and background information: www.diagnose-funk.org/1951


>> A workshop/presentation for MEPs, the EU- Commission, and stakeholders was held at the European Parliament on 7 February 2023 from 18:30-21:00. The workshop was organised by MEP Michele Rivasi and addressed the dangers of modern wireless communication technologies. Look at the Videos (English) on our Homepage: https://www.diagnose-funk.org/1950

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Peter Hensinger, M.A.
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