Wireless Radiation and Your Health: An Introduction to The Science and What You Can Do To Protect Yourself – Environmental Health Trust


Children are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation due to their rapidly developing brains, thinner skulls and lifetime of exposure. Children absorb more radiation deeper into critical brain centers compared to adults. Both magnetic field (2002) and radiofrequency radiation (2011) were classified as a Group 2B possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). However, since that date, the published peer-reviewed scientific evidence has significantly increased– showing these types of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation can have adverse effects at exposure levels governments currently allow. A mounting body of science links cell phone radiation to cancer, memory problems, behavioral problems, altered brain development and effects to fertility.  Government regulations are based on short term exposures and do not account for the way children and youth use phones today- in positions against their body for hours a day. Non-ionizing magnetic field radiation from powerlines is associated with leukemia and brain tumors and exposure during pregnancy is associated with miscarriage, ADHD, obesity and asthma. Many European countries limit magnetic field exposures for homes but other countries such as Canada and the United States have no federal safety limits.  The American Academy of Pediatrics along with hundreds of doctors and health professionals worldwide recommend reducing wireless exposures for children. 

Theodora Scarato MSW is Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a scientific think tank that publishes research and educates policymakers on environmental health issues.  

She is co-author to a chapter in the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments Nursing’s textbook explaining how wireless radiation is an environmental exposure and an emerging health issue. Numerous studies have linked EMFs to a wide variety of health endpoints such as brain cancer, DNA damage, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction,  altered brain development, damaged reproduction, sleep changes, hyperactivity, and memory damage.  

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cell phones and wireless are scientifically linked to several health issues. Many doctors and governments around the world to educate people on how to reduce exposure, especially for children.  

As a petitioner in the historic lawsuit EHT et al., v the FCC, Scarato and EHT have spearheaded efforts to strengthen U.S. wireless radiation limits. Scarato has published research on international policy and maintains EHT’s renowned EMF policy database. Scarato has lectured at the National Institutes of Health, the New Hampshire State 5G Commission, the University of California San Francisco and several international conferences. 

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