“Wireless radiation: Hide yo kids, hide yo wildlife” Jackson Hole News and Guide – Environmental Health Trust

 “Dozens, if not hundreds, of satellite antennas and towers loom across Teton County. When asked if there are any health problems with the wireless radiation emitted by those facilities, many local officials were silent.”
“The problem is that the FCC is concerned with “promoting competition,” “supporting the nation’s economy” and encouraging the “highest and best use of spectrum.” Consumer health is not highlighted as a priority on the commission’s site. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 hasn’t been updated since the days of 2G and flip phones, and that act is what governs the FCC’s current radio frequency regulations.”

“But in the past few decades scientists have found that over-the-counter wireless devices may be far more dangerous than the FCC says, especially for children. One of the loudest voices of caution about wireless radiation is a resident of Teton Village: Devra Davis.”

Watch a recent Scientific Symposium held in Jackson Hole featured Dr. Devra Davis and several experts.