Cation Mud Therapy

Cation Mud Therapy by Dr. Kathy Veon with Central Florida Preventive Medicine

Cation Mud Therapy…also known as Pelotherapy

Cation Mud Packs (Pelotherapy) have long been used for detoxifying tissue and promoting healing. The high cation exchange and osmotic pulling effect draws out toxins and heavy metals while eliminating pain and reduces the load on the immune system. Medicinal mudpacks increase micro-circulation, lymph flow, nerve flow, and cellular energy flow so the body can repair and heal with less obstruction. Increased mobility, reduced pain, reduced scar tissue, repair of damaged tissue, and improved organ and gland function have been observed as an outcome of cation mud therapy in clinical tests.

The need for mud packs can be determined by testing trauma sites for Interference Fields (IF’s). An IF can develop after any trauma has occurred to the body. Surgery scars, broken bones, falls and accidents, head trauma, dental surgery, body piercings and tattoos are all examples of tissue trauma that can lead to an Interference Field on the body. The tissue surrounding an IF often accumulates toxins and heavy metals, reducing the flow of energy, nutrients and nerve impulses to that area.Mud Cation Therapy

IF’s also affect other organs and glands in the body. For example, an ankle injury may eventually reflex to the adrenal glands, suppressing their function. The person finds that no matter how many nutrients or medications they take, the adrenal glands never seem to function optimally. They are always fatigued or have hormonal imbalances. Applying cation mud packs to the appropriate injury and reflex areas will clear stagnation and toxins in the tissue, allowing the adrenal glands to fully absorb and utilize the nutrients necessary to achieve and maintain healthy function without the constant support of extra nutritional supplements.

In another instance, a scar from an appendectomy may ‘reflex’ to the neck and head, causing headaches and/or neck pain that do not respond to treatments. After medicinal mud therapy, headaches and neck pain and stiffness are relieved.

More examples of IF’s:

  • C-section scar reflexes to the legs causing stiff swollen legs
  • Mud Cation TherapyDecaying molar (cavitation) reflexes to the chest causing jittery feeling and insomnia
  • Fall on hip reflexes to the stomach causing abdominal weight gain
  • Fall on tailbone reflexes to head causing ‘fuzzy brain’ and sleep disturbances
  • Weak neck from car accident (whiplash) reflexes to the liver creating allergic reactions
  • Tatoos on back reflex to the kidneys and adrenals causing fatigue
  • C-section reflexes to the thyroid causing hypothyroid symptoms
  • Broken nose reflexes to brain causing deterioration in memory and thinking
  • Knee injury reflexes to ovaries causing infertility

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Using cation mud therapy for any of these examples can clear blockages in the trauma areas, remove toxins, restore the normal flow of nerve energy and blood, and allow the body to heal. Mudpacks can be done at home or in office.

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