Clinical Nutritional Healing

Clinical Nutritional Healing by Dr Kathy VeonClinical Nutrition

A Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) is highly trained and board certified in every aspect of how the body utilizes nutrients to perform every metabolic function in the body.  Impaired nutrition absorption and utilization caused by genetic factors, toxic environmental exposures, medications, poor lifestyle choices, lack of sleep and daily exercise, and chronic high stress can lead to numerous acute and chronic illnesses.  Quantitative laboratory testing, viewed from a Clinical Nutrition perspective, can glean deep insights to the true root causes of illness.  Applied Kinesiology and other forms of ‘hands on’ testing are often implemented to assist in the diagnosis of underlying root causes that lead to poor nutrient status and disease patterns.  These ‘hands on’ types of testing include Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) and NAET, a form of allergy elimination testing and technique.  Many people are now ‘sensitive’ or ‘allergic’ to the nutrients in foods and supplements.  This can not only create an inflammatory or neuroimmune response that leads to illness, but it can also lead to nutrient deficiencies.  Correcting these underlying issues is key to achieving overall health and wellness for the long term.     

The body naturally heals itself when it is given the appropriate environment. Using nutrition and food as a healing therapy can create the foundation of a healthy body by providing the building blocks necessary at the cellular level for repairing and maintaining organs, glands, bones, nerves and soft tissue.  Foods can often be used to detoxify and nourish the body, allowing it to heal.  Food and Nutritional Healing can also encompass herbs and other nutrients that are sourced from once-living plants, roots, leaves, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.  These nutrients can be used at therapeutic doses for a short amount of time to detoxify and nourish the body’s organs, glands, bone and soft tissues, which allows them to fully heal and work efficiently on their own.  Sometimes the nutrient repletion and herbal therapy are no longer needed, and sometimes they can be continued at a very low dose as a means of continually nourishing the body to keep it healthy and strong.



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