Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida

Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida | Dr Kathy Veon

What is Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida Patients?

Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida

Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida – Environmental Medicine in our modern society is exposed to an increasing number of environmental toxins that can lead to chronic illness. Mold, chemicals, pesticides, vaccinations, EMFs, smog and air pollution are just a few of the exposures that can lead to poor health.

A full spectrum of testing for specific types of mold, chemicals and pesticides is available and can be an excellent diagnostic tool to determine the most appropriate treatments to achieve a full recovery from chronic or difficult to treat health issues.

Food and environmental allergies or sensitives can be addressed by with Functional Medicine therapies such as nutrition, herbs, acupuncture detoxification protocols and lifestyle changes. NAET / Allergy Elimination Technique can also be useful to help heal the immune system’s response to these sensitivities.

Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida

Overexposure to EMFs from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies can cause great harm to humans, animals and plants. Proper diagnosis and treatment of EMF sickness can be achieved and the person can live a healthy and fulfilled life.

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Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida
Environmental Toxins and Your Health

Detox for Better Health | Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida

Over the past several decades, our exposure to environmental toxins has significantly increased. Even when we put forth our best effort to avoid toxins, we can still be at risk from unknown sources of molds, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and EMFs.

environmental-medicine-for-lake-mary-florida/For example, dried fruit, coffee and peanut butter are potential sources of mold exposure that can lead to declining health, memory and mood issues, and chronic diseases. Household cleaners, disinfectants, soaps, makeup, lotions, and other personal care products can expose us to high levels of phthalates and other endocrine disruptors. Vaccines, Rx and OTC medications, contaminated water supplies are more examples of how heavy metals, petrochemicals and other environmental toxins can enter our bodies.

Over time, these exposures can lead to serious health issues, that often cannot be resolved without the proper knowledge of which toxins need to be removed from the body and by what method.

Several options for specialty lab testing can provide insight to the source of exposure and also the most effective means of detoxification through food therapies, herbs, nutrients, sauna and other holistic treatments which can greatly support the detoxification process and a return to optimal health.

Great Plains Labs offers numerous tests including:

  • Myco-TOX
  • Glyphosate
  • Organic Acids Test
  • Heavy Metals

environmental-medicine/environmental-medicine-for-lake-mary-florida/These and many other valuable and accurate tests can provide important insight into not only the types of toxins that should be addressed, but also each person’s unique ability to properly eliminate toxins from the body. Genetically, we can have subtle variations in our ability to detox molds and other toxins, so understanding these variations is important to implementing the most effective detoxification protocol.

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Wishing Vibrant Health  to all the Environmental Medicine for Lake Mary Florida Patients.

Dr. Kathy Veon, DAOM, AP, CCN
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