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Holistic Medicine Pricing | Dr Kathy Veon - A Florida Holistic Doctor

What is Holistic Medicine exactly?

Holistic Medicine Pricing - Florida - Doctor Kathy VeonHolistic Medicine Pricing comes from the security of feeling better. Dr Kathy Veon includes a wide variety of therapies including:

  • Nutrition
  • Acupuncture
  • Emotional Repolarization Technique
  • EVOX Therapy
  • Cation Mudpack Therapy
  • Quantum Reflex Analysis mucle testing techniques
  • Whole & Oraganic Food Therapy
  • and Detoxification, just to name a few. 

Holistic Medicine takes into account all that it means to be human.  Environmental, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Physical aspects are all considered when finding the real root causes of illness, imbalance and disorder. 

 All sources that contribute to a person’s existence must be acknowledged when embarking on a healing journey.  Holistic Medicine therapies are all about detoxifying and nourishing the body, mind and spirit to bring complete healing into reality.

Feeling Better with a Holistic Medical Solution 

Understanding how your body utilizes nutrients and how efficiently your detoxification pathways are working can make a substantial impact on which therapies will be most effective. One size does not fit all! Holistic medical solutions like this can explain why this treatment mechanism is so important for achieving and maintaining optimal health. Click Here to Learn More Now

Let's talk about feeling better | Holistic Medicine Pricing

Holistic medicine pricing is based on making you as a patient feel better. Various therapies have different price points based on the time required for the therapy along with other factors as well.

Did you know that holistic medical services is a system of healthcare to help you start feeling better? It emphasizes the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, spiritual, social, and lifestyle values. It requires a cooperative relationship among all involved, leading towards optimal attainment of the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health. Holistic Medicine focuses on education and the responsibility for personal efforts to achieve balance and wellbeing.

Holistic Medicine encompasses a vast array of natural therapies that include nutrition, herbal medicine, emotional healing, bio-feedback therapies, food therapy, acupuncture, meditation, physical exercise, poultices and mudpacks, and other physical therapies, that can bring a person into a balanced state, free of disease. These therapies can be used alone, or even more powerfully, together.

Feeling Better Matters | Holistic Medicine Pricing

A Few Good Secrets For Feeling Better By Maintaining Good Health...

Let's Discuss Healing in Holistic Way!

Our holistic medicine pricing is based on helping you feel better and living a healthier life.

Let’s discuss at Healing in Holistic Way So You Can Begin Feeling Better

Physical Aspect of Healing:

  • Support the entire body with nutritionally dense food, in its most natural state, and free of chemicals, hormones, additives or synthetic nutrients.
  • Hydrate with water free of chemicals (fluoride / chloride) and additives.
  • Use whole food supplements at therapeutic levels, for a season, to reverse damage at organ and gland level and to nourish and rebuild. Avoid use of synthetic nutrients.
  • Clear any remaining tissue damage from old physical traumas or scars (Cation Mudpack Therapy is very helpful)

Emotional / Mental Aspect of Healing:

~ Heal emotional issues. Unresolved emotional issues often manifest as physical disease. Let go of negative or destructive thoughts and relationships. EVOX Therapy and Emotional Repolarization Technique are excellent healing tools to clear past emotional trauma. Holistic Medicine addresses all aspects of being, including emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Want To Feel Better? Let's discuss Environmental Toxins and Your Health in Holistic Way!

Holistic Medicine Pricing - Kathy Veon - Central Florida

Detox for Better Health & To Feel Better As Well.

Over the past several decades, our exposure to environmental toxins has significantly increased. Even when we put forth our best effort to avoid toxins, we can still be at risk from unknown sources of molds, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and EMFs.Holistic Medicine Pricing - Kathy Veon - Central Florida

For example, dried fruit, coffee and peanut butter are potential sources of mold exposure that can lead to declining health, memory and mood issues, and chronic diseases. Household cleaners, disinfectants, soaps, makeup, lotions, and other personal care products can expose us to high levels of phthalates and other endocrine disruptors. Vaccines, Rx and OTC medications, contaminated water supplies are more examples of how heavy metals, petrochemicals and other environmental toxins can enter our bodies.

Holistic Medicine Pricing - Kathy Veon - Central FloridaOver time, these exposures can lead to serious health issues, that often cannot be resolved without the proper knowledge of which toxins need to be removed from the body and by what method.

Several options for specialty lab testing can provide insight to the source of exposure and also the most effective means of detoxification through food therapies, herbs, nutrients, sauna and other holistic treatments which can greatly support the detoxification process and a return to optimal health.

Holistic Medicine Pricing - Kathy Veon - Central FloridaGreat Plains Labs offers numerous tests including:

  • Myco-TOX
  • Glyphosate
  • Organic Acids Test
  • Heavy Metals

Holistic Medicine Pricing - Kathy Veon - Central FloridaThese and many other valuable and accurate tests can provide important insight into not only the types of toxins that should be addressed, but also each person’s unique ability to properly eliminate toxins from the body. Genetically, we can have subtle variations in our ability to detox molds and other toxins, so understanding these variations is important to implementing the most effective detoxification protocol.

For more information about specific testing, detoxification protocols and to receive recommendations for your specific health issues, please call the office at 407-328-6711 or reply to this email.  Wishing you Vibrant Health! – Dr. Kathy Veon, DAOM, AP, CCN – Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Dr Veon Logo - Central Florida Preventative Medicine - Quality TestimonialsWould you like more information from a Holistic Medicine Pricing? Please contact Dr. Kathy Veon, DAOM, AP, CCN today – 407-328-6711 to discuss solutions to feel better.

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