Lab Testing

Quantitative Laboratory Testing

Lab Testing – Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine

  • Lab Corp / EVEXIA Labs: General Labs, Specialty Labs and Functional Medicine
  • GX Sciences:  Nutrigenomics and Pharmacogenomics
  • Mosaic Labs (formerly Great Plains Labs): Specialty labs testing for mold/mycotoxins, chemicals, heavy metal toxicity, parasites, autism, pyrrole disorder, mental health issues, chronic fatigue and related issues, cortisol, hormones and many more. 
  • Allergy Testing / ELISA/ACT:  Food and Environmental
  • KMBO Diagnostics: FIT & Zonulin: Serum antibody food sensitivities and leaky gut
  • Hakala Labs: 24 Hour Iodine Loading Test:  Measures tissue saturation levels of Iodine, along with the prevalence of the 3 toxic halides (bromide, fluoride, chloride).  To order the test, click the link and be sure to add all 3 toxic halides to your cart before checking out. 

Functional Medicine Laboratory Tests

Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing is Important. A full range of specialty lab tests for hormones and sexual function, prenatal, weight loss, insulin resistance / metabolic syndrome and diabetes, thyroid function, cardiovascular, detoxification, bone health, and general wellness are available through LabCorp and EVEXIA Labs.  Every specialty lab report comes with a very in-depth analysis of metabolic and chemical values and recommendations for correcting any values that are not in the ‘optimal range’. 

The patient will be provided with a detailed report outlining the most important health issues that need to be addressed.  Lab values can be compared over time, and progress is meticulously tracked by using the most advanced serum and urine lab values.

Do you test for food allergies and sensitivity?

Do you test for food sensitivity? Yes, Food sensitivities affect more than 100 million people worldwide.  Food sensitivities cause a range of illness and symptoms, including skin rashes and chronic intestinal diseases. The Lab Test offered measures sensitivities to up to 176 different foods and additives spanning all major food groups.

Please see the information provided by our lab for which foods we test for. Click this link

Lab Testing by Dr Kathy Veon