Acid Reflux Testimonial

Acid Reflux Testimonial by Nancy living in Orlando, Florida

Acid Reflux Testimonial: I had acid reflux for 20 years (since college) and was taking Tums and Prilosec to help with the burning, pain and bloating. I started to gain weight and felt that my hormones were changing and went to see Nutritionist Dr. Kathy for some help.  We used herbal and nutrition therapy to heal my stomach and digestion.

My bloating and pain is gone and I do not have to take drugs anymore.  My overall wellbeing is greatly improved and I feel that my hormones are balanced too.  I  have lost 23 lbs and am back to a healthy weight and have lots of energy now.  Nutrition is the way to go when healing the body. It really works!!

Thanks, Nancy living in Orlando Florida – Another Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine!

Once again thanks  – Nancy for sharing your kind words with us to share with potential new patients! Hopefully, Dr Kathy Veon can help you too. Schedule an appointment today with her.