Asthma Relief Testimonial

Asthma Relief Testimonial by Steven of Longwood Florida

Asthma Relief Testimonial:  I am an 11 year old male who has suffered for over 5 years of chronic bronchitis, asthma, and allergies. Daily, I have been taking an advair and albuterol inhaler for the last 6 months just to try to participate in my daily phys-ed class. My asthma would keep me from enjoying bike riding and sports activities.

After 3 treatments and an herbal supplement I am happy to say I no longer use advair or albuterol.  Acupuncture has helped me to enjoy the things that kids without asthma enjoy. I also found out that acupuncture does not hurt and is relaxing. I always fall asleep during my treatments. I would encourage other kids to try it too.

Thanks So Much Steven! 

Asthma treatments for a young boy taht worked by Dr Kathy Veon. Another positive review for potential Central Florida Preventive Medicine patients to read when deciding what type of treatment will work best for them. Hopefully, this Longwood Florida resident has made an impact on you to call us for a medical appointment to determine what is the best solution for your ailment.  Call us today and always remember that Dr Kathy Veon is dedicated to your health and wellness.

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