OCD Testimonial

OCD Testimonial by Mindy of Sanford, Florida

OCD Testimonial: Being in the dental field for about 8 years, I unfortunately developed on OCD to germs. I constantly would feel the need to wash my hands, re-wash, and analyze what I touched throughout the day.  It was when, one evening, I got out of the shower and actually had to get back in, I knew that it was bad.

I turned to Acupuncture, an alternative treatment to drugs and medicine.  For me, since I am so sensitive to every medication, I knew it was the route to go.  After just one treatment and ‘acupuncture to go’ (extra seeds in your ear to wear for week after treatment), I noticed a tremendous difference. My mind wasn’t processing the OCD germ talk.  I actually went on throughout my day without using wasted energy on analyzing my every touch. It’s been about 6 treatments, and I’m germ OCD free!

Your body does have the ability to heal itself. Acupuncture just helps speed up the process more naturally and is more effective.  It’s the best kept secret around!

OCD Testimonial by Mindy of Sanford, Florida | Positive Testimonial For Dr Kathy Veon & Central Florida Preventive Medicine!