Pain Management Testimonial

Pain Management Testimonial by Terri H. of Lake Mary, Florida

Chiari Malformation / Neck Pain Management Testimonial

Pain Management Testimonial: For quite a while, I had been struggling with severe neck and head pain resulting from a Chiari malformation (a condition in which part of the brain protrudes into the spinal canal, causing pressure on the spinal cord). My neurosurgeon suggested I try almost anything to help relieve the pain, because the surgery for my condition is risky and didn’t always work. Moving my head from side to side would send sharp pain from my neck up into my skull. This made driving extremely difficult. Sleeping became an ongoing challenge. Pain medicine helped somewhat, but you can only take those for so long before they start to cause organ damage. Massage helped only a little (it really is more of a nerve pain, rather than muscle). I also tried cranial sacral therapy for several months. I liked the therapy, but it really didn’t help relieve my pain. I called a pain-management center, but they said they didn’t work with Chiari malformation patients.

Then I discovered Central Florida Preventive Medicine & Kathy Veon. Even though I have a strong aversion to needles, my neck/head pain was making it extremely difficult to live a normal life. Kathy’s calm and caring attitude helped me to not be so nervous about being ˝stuck with needles.˝ (they are actually quite tiny) After about two or three visits, the pain that used to shoot from the base of my skull into my eye was gone. A few more treatments, and the neck pain had significantly decreased. I can now move my head from side to side. I will probably have to continue with less frequent ˝maintenance˝ therapy, but that sure beats surgery! It’s just amazing. Such a relief!

Kathy, thank you for helping me feel normal, again.

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