Stop Smoking Testimonial

Stop Smoking Testimonial by Sheri in Orlando, Florida

Stop Smoking Testimonial: I had tried everything and as a smoker for 25 years had almost given up. You were truly my “last ditched” effort. That being said, I was desperate and hopeful for this to work. I wanted to quit but I loved to smoke, the bittersweet addiction.

It’s been a huge struggle for me since my Mother passed away at age 57 of lung cancer in 2003. I knew I had to do something but the overwhelming feeling of anxiety every time I thought about quitting was overpowering. Well, I have been smoke free since my first visit with you. I have not had so much as a puff nor do I plan to ever again!!!

I am happy to say I am a non-smoker and have never been happier for it.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program you offer and I have sent a few fellow smokers your way. I am hopeful that I can get in there for a treatment here or there because it was truly an amazing experience that I enjoyed very much. It’s important that you know that you are making a difference!!

Sheri in Orlando Florida – Stop Smoking Testimonial

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