Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and Recovery

Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and Recovery

Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and RecoveryAs we enter into the Winter season we can look to Chinese Medicine Theory for insights as to how our whole being functions from a holistic viewpoint. Winter is the ‘season’ of the Kidneys and represents the Water element and the colors Deep Blue or Black. The Kidneys govern reproduction and are often referred to as the ‘Root of Life’ / ‘Root of Pre-Heaven Qi’. They store the essence, ‘Jing Qi’, which our parents give to us at conception and determines our basic constitution.

They produce bone marrow and control the strength and health of the bones. They house the ‘Zhi’ or mental drive and courage which allows us to focus and accomplish dreams and goals. In Western medical theory, the Kidneys filter and purify blood and body fluids, and remove toxins from the body.

Winter is also the time of the Bladder and can provoke negative emotions such as jealousy, suspicion and holding long-standing grudges when the energy is imbalanced. Read on to learn how to fortify your kidneys and bladder during this winter season.

Kidney and Bladder Meridians | Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and Recovery

Chinese Medical Theory

Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and RecoveryIn Chinese Medical Theory, the Kidney and Bladder meridians are associated with the Water element. We can liken ‘Water” as the element of wisdom, stamina, and endurance. Water is the introspective philosopher and prefers quiet and stillness for nourishment and healing. The Kidneys are the ‘internal’ organ (yin), while the Bladder is the ‘external’ (yang) organ in this very important paired organ relationship.

The Kidneys store Essence and control birth, growth, reproduction, and development. They fill the brain with ‘marrow’ and control the bones. The Kidneys open to the ears and manifest in the hair. Loss of hearing or hair are often a sign of kidney energy depletion.

The Kidneys are the residence of Will Power and help us to stay focused so we can stay on task to reach our goals, as well as maintain excellent memory and brain function. Kidney energy is negatively affected by the emotion of fear. Currently, our culture of fear is causing widespread kidney energy depletion in our society. Kidneys control the ‘Gate of Life’ (Minister Fire), or ‘Ming Men’ energy. and assist the Heart in housing the Mind. More information including foods to consume and foods to avoid, acupressure points, stretches, and poses to support the  Kidney and Bladder are all available at the highlighted link.  

 A good Chinese herbal formula to fortify both Kidney Yin and Yang is a modified Zuo Gui Wan / You Gui Yin formula called Astra Essence, which is available at Fullscript. This is also a good formula to complement therapies prescribed to treat Long-COVID and related symptoms.

Food Therapy for the Kidneys

Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and Recovery By Kathy VeonDuring this winter season, it is important to use food therapy to strengthen kidney function, which supports healthy vitality, recovery, reproduction, and aging.

Lamb, beef kidney, kidney beans, blueberries, chestnuts, egg yolks, lentils, Hijiki, white rice, sesame seeds, and tangerines are excellent food therapies to support the kidneys. Avoiding alcohol, dairy products, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, drugs, nicotine, stimulants, and cold foods will protect and preserve strong kidney energy.

Kidney and Bladder Herbs

Herbs and nutrients to support kidney and bladder health include:

Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and Recovery By Kathy VeonHerbal and nutritional supplements are excellent ways to support kidney function. Two of my favorites are Kidney Korrect from Designs for Health, and RenaVen from Premier Research Labs. Supplemental glandular support for healthy kidneys and micronutrient support can also be found at Designs for Health: Organ Synergy and is available in both capsule and powder forms.

Kidneys and Adrenals

Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and Recovery By Kathy VeonAlthough Chinese Medicine theory has not traditionally recognized the adrenal glands as part of the meridian system, our modern understanding allows us to place these glands with the kidneys as part of the water element.

Adrenal fatigue is often treated with kidney tonifying herbs, food, lifestyle therapies, and acupuncture. Modern medicine understands that the adrenals play a significant role in the regulation of fluids/water in the intestinal tract.

People with adrenal fatigue often suffer from constipation as a symptom of the disorder. An excellent resource to learn more about healing the adrenals can be found here: Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome.

Lifestyle Practices for the Kidneys

Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and RecoveryFear depletes kidney energy.  A daily practice of meditation/prayer, positive affirmations, yoga, Qi Gong / Tai Chi and grounding techniques are essential to maintain a strong ‘root’ energy during these stressful and uncertain times. Winter is the time of rest and recovery, so allow yourself time and space for this essential human need. In-office muscle testing / QRA can determine the exact nutrients or herbal and holistic therapies you need to support Kidney and Bladder health. Acupuncture, Emotional Repolarization Technique, EVOX Perception Reframing Therapy, and NAET can all be very helpful in resolving the emotional root cause issues related to illness and disease patterns.  

Healthy, nutritionally dense, minimally processed food provides the building blocks for our cells to function well during times of stress. Minimizing or eliminating sugars, alcohol, and processed and fast foods helps to support healthy kidney and bladder energy.

Holistic Healing for Kidneys Bladder Energy and RecoveryEvery organ and gland system has its ‘appointed time’ of increased energy. Winter is the appointed time of the Kidneys and a perfect time for healing and balancing this vital organ to strengthen Vital Force. Healthy habits now will support an appropriate immune response through the winter months.

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Keep Up With Dr. Kathy Veon

Holistic Medicine By Doctor Kathy VeonDr. Kathy Veon, DAOM, AP, CCN is a graduate of Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA as well as Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida. 

She is a board-certified Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Dr. Veon is currently serving as Vice-Chair of the Florida Board of Acupuncture, and Committee Chair of Continuing Education for the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN).   

She holds a private practice in Lake Mary, Florida at Central Florida Preventive Medicine where she specializes in holistic medicine therapies such as Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), Acupuncture, Pelotherapy, NAET (allergy elimination technique), Western and Chinese Herbology, Nutrigenomic Testing and Nutritional Therapies, EVOX Perception Reframing, Environmental Medicine and helping her patients overcome chronic and debilitating illnesses through finding and correcting the root causes of disease.

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