How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy Veon

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy Veon

Reduce and Mitigate EMF Exposures | How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy Veon

Decades of research from private, military and governmental sources show that electromagnetic radiation/frequencies (EMR / EMF) exposures can cause harm to life. With the rapid expansion of wireless connectivity, including new 5G installations, overexposures to EMFs are one of the overlooked environmental toxic exposures.

EMFs amplify the exposure and absorption of other chemicals and heavy metals by compromising the blood brain barrier, allowing environmental toxins to readily alter and damage neurological function for both young and old alike. In our modern world, it is very difficult to fully heal from any illness while being exposed to high or chronic levels of EMFs.

It is necessary, as part of any healing therapy, to reduce toxic environmental exposures, as well as strengthen the body though increased nutrient intake. Keep reading to learn how to reduce EMFs and fortify the body with nutrients to heal the damage caused by the most overlooked environmental toxic exposure.

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How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy Veon

Environmental Medicine & EMF Exposures and Health

Overview of EMFs

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonThe most overlooked environmental toxin today is chronic overexposure to man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiation (EMF/R). These frequencies work in concert with other toxins such as pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, molds/mycotoxins, and infectious organisms.

This creates an environment this is increasingly detrimental to all life on earth, leading to the damage and destruction of our basic metabolic functions that keep us alive and thriving. In fact, many of the chronic diseases we are facing today, have root causes in our toxic environment that humans have created.

There are four types of EMF/R’s.

  1. Radiofrequency (RF) from wireless devices such as cell phones and towers, Bluetooth, WiFi, and all ‘Smart’ devices.
  2. Electric Fields from overhead powerlines, wiring in walls and all electronics.
  3. Magnetic Fields from overhead powerlines, wiring errors, induction stove tops, and all motors.
  4. Dirty Electricity from variable speed motors, dimmer switches, wiring errors, energy-saving bulbs, and solar energy inverters.

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonStudies show that excessive or long-term exposure to these fields of radiation and frequency can lead to impaired metabolic function, neurological dysfunction, cardiovascular disorders, and many more. One of the main underlying culprits is oxidative stress.

Chronic Oxidative Stress | How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy Veon

EMF exposures lead to chronic oxidative stress and elevated cortisol levels. These processes lead to impaired mitochondrial function and sugar metabolism, hormone imbalances, and weight gain/obesity. In addition to reducing or eliminating exposure to EMFs, herbs, and probiotics can be helpful. Zenbiome DUAL and Zenbiome COPE, both from Microbiome Labs, can help to ease the elevated cortisol levels, heal the gut-brain axis, and return metabolic function to normal.

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonLifestyle therapy and behavior modification are the keys to change and true healing. Spend time outside every day if possible. Something as simple as going for a walk, or mindful ‘walking Qi Gong’ where you spend time listening to and observing nature and the environment around you is very healing.

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonChoose to forgo the headsets and cell phone while walking. Place any device on airplane mode and engage in a ‘digital detox’, even if it is only for an hour. This practice will help your whole body to heal as it reconnects with the energies of the earth and nature.

Man-made energies are not usually life-giving, so time in nature, spending more time with pets, animals, gardening, or placing your feet and hands fully into the living and life-giving energies around you will heal you. To learn more about how EMFs negatively impact your well-being, please watch this teaching video from Dr. Sharon Goldberg here.

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonThe best way to protect yourself, your family, and your pets is to reduce your wireless exposure in your home. You can find tips here on how to use your technology safely. Dirty electricity is also a problem in many homes. Greenwave filters and meters can help mitigate those effects.

Nutrients for Protection

Nutrients that protect and promote healing are essential for surviving and thriving in a world that has become increasingly toxic. Several nutrients protect the body from EMF exposures:

Modified Citrus Pectin: Protects the integrity of the blood-brain barrier, chelates heavy metals,pesticides, and inhibits abnormal cell growth.

Green Tea Extract: Protects the body from the negative effects of radiation and is an excellent antioxidant

Glutathione: This ‘master antioxidant’ is necessary to quench the excessive oxidative stress caused by EMF exposure.

Probiotics: EMF exposure damages the gut microbiome, often leading to leaky gut, increased allergies, and food sensitivities.

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonIodine: Protects the whole body from the damaging effects of radiofrequency radiation (RF-EMFs).

Taurine: EMFs can cause irregular heart rhythms and also gallbladder damage. Taurine protects the energetic functions of the heart and gallbladder.

Cordyceps Militaris: Promotes healthy adrenal function, heals leaky gut, and protects against radiation damage.

Lion’s Mane: Protects the brain and neurological system against inflammation caused by EMFs.

Nitric Oxide Support: EMFs damage the normal function of Nitric Oxide pathways leading to decreased healing and rapid aging syndrome.

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonMagnesium: EMFs cause an abnormal influx of calcium into the cells, often leading to mast cell activation and a substantial increase in inflammatory and severe allergic reactions. Magnesium helps to reduce the amount of histamines released by EMF exposures. NeuroMag from DFH is an excellent supplemental magnesium to support neuroimmune health. Magnesium L-Threonate easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Melatonin: EMFs severely deplete melatonin, which can lead to poor sleep, increased cortisol, and hormone dysfunction, as well as elevated cancer risks.

Omega 3 EPA/DHA: EMFs cause a decrease in Purkinje cells in the cerebellum as well as a decrease of granular and pyramidal cells in the hippocampus which can lead to degenerative disorders such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological diseases. EPA / DHA supplementation, along with metalation showed a very protective effect against EMF damage.

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy Veon

Environmental Factors

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonEMFs also affect wildlife and our beautiful animal friends. Humans do not realize how powerful their choices are. As humans choose to connect in safer ways, such as hardwire / ethernet, and forgo the lure to be continually ‘wireless’, our environment will begin to heal. Changing weather patterns have long been linked to increased pulsed EMR which has been studied as part of the HAARP project. Humans have the free will to choose life. The wisdom remains that whatever humans do to animals and the environment, they are doing to themselves and their own offspring. This is our future.

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonAcupuncture and NAET

Acupuncture and NAET are also very helpful therapies to strengthen and rebalance the body’s neuroimmune system. Specific acupuncture points can help to mitigate the excessive exposure to radiation and tonify or ‘strengthen’ the Wei Qi and overall foundational energy. NAET can be helpful to heal increased allergic responses to food, nutrients, and basic metabolic processes, which have been linked to mast cell activation caused by EMF exposures.

AiresTech Harmonizing

How to Reduce EMF Exposures for Better Health by Doctor Kathy VeonLifeTune personal devices can offer some protection by ‘harmonizing’ chaotic frequencies. This is by no means a first-line defense for EMF reduction. I always recommend mitigating EMF exposures by choosing wired connections over wireless, shielding materials to block or reduce wireless emissions, and other quantitative means of reducing overall EMF exposures.

Courses are readily available to the public if you wish to deepen your understanding of EMF exposures and learn how to effectively lower exposures to protect yourself, your family, and your pets. The book “The Invisible Rainbow” is an excellent resource to gain an understanding of how electromagnetic fields affect all life on Earth.

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Many more healing resources are available on the Patient Resources page. Consuming nutrient-dense foods, healthy lifestyle habits including daily exercise, sunlight, restful and restorative sleep, healthy thought patterns, relationships and environments are necessary to achieve true healing.   

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