Non-Native EMF’s: An Overlooked Environmental Toxin

Non-Native EMF's: An Overlooked Environmental Toxin

Non-Native EMF’s: An Overlooked Environmental Toxin

Non-Native EMF’s: An Overlooked Environmental Toxin discussed in detail by Dr Kathy Veon and we hope you enjoy reading this blog article.  Most of us are well aware of the growing toxic exposures in the environment in which we live. We know the value of decreasing exposures to household chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides in order to prevent disease or to experience a full recovery from a current illness or imbalance.  However, the least talked about yet most rapidly increasing toxic exposure in our environment comes as a side effect of our increased technological capabilities.

Non-native (artificial) microwave radiation now surrounds us at levels never before documented in our history.  The proliferation of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smart phones and appliances, pads, pods, cell phone towers and every kind of wireless technology is beginning to have an effect on all living beings.  Negative effects of increased levels of non-native radiation include: insomnia, headaches, muscle and joint pain, depression, anxiety, irritability, short term memory problems, nausea, palpitations, sinus issues, itching, tinnitus, shortness of breath, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, night sweats, altered sugar metabolism, nerve pain, eye pain, tingling and numbness, swollen lymph nodes, immune system deficiencies, enlarged thyroid, allergies and in extreme cases can lead to seizures, psychosis and stroke.

Non-Native EMF’s discussed by Doctor Kathy Veon

Symptoms that were once only seen in isolated populations such as military personnel and telecommunication employees are now becoming more widely distributed in the general population.  From a scientific standpoint, non-native, non-ionizing radiation has shown to have several detrimental effects on human and animal beings including:

  1. Creates an abnormal influx of calcium into cells which may initiate or aggravate allergic reactions, cause negative effects on heart rate and may cause damage to the hippocampus leading to memory problems.
  2. Initiates peroxynitrite generation and oxidative damage which can lead to systemic inflammation, hormone imbalances, cellular DNA damage and higher risk of cancer and other degenerative and systemic illnesses.
  3. Decreases the number of Natural Killer (NK) cells increasing possibilities for infection.
  4. Depolarizes the body’s red blood cells leading to hypoxia, nausea and dizziness.
  5. Alters the production of melatonin negatively affecting healthy sleep patterns and lowering the protective effects of this antioxidant and hormone.
  6. Reduces the levels of dopamine in the brain leading to depression and increased addictive or compulsive behavior and possibly Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders.
  7. Decreases levels of 5-HT (serotonin) which may lead to depression and anxiety.
  8. Reduces the levels of acetylcholine which may lead to neurological and neuromuscular disorders.
  9. Is a constant ‘subliminal stress’ which can increase the levels of cortisol. Excessive cortisol is often seen in obesity.

Although this a short list of the known and studied effects of long term or high level exposure to non-native microwave radiation, it gives a very clear picture of how many of us may indeed be affected by everyday exposures in the home, work or school environments.  We would do well to investigate the possibility that these exposures have either been a direct or partial cause, or have exacerbated our presenting health issues and concerns.  It is important to note that non-native microwave radiation has been officially labeled a Class 2B Carcinogen or ‘possible carcinogen’ by the World Health Organization (WHO) and there is currently an increasing world-wide petition by many scientists, researchers and physicians to reclassify the non-native radiation as a Class 1 or ‘known carcinogen’.

Educate yourself on environmental toxins.

Steps can be taken to educate ourselves in order to more fully understand the effects of this overlooked environmental toxin.

  1. Limit exposure to Wi-Fi, cellphones, and other wireless technologies by turning devices off or keep them in ‘airplane mode’ when they are not in use. Connect via Ethernet (hardwire) as the preferred method of internet connection.  Use a landline and corded phone instead of a cell phone or cordless phone. Keep a safe distance from stronger wireless signals to reduce the impact of exposure. Do no wear a cell phone or other wireless device directly on your body.
  2. Remove all wireless devices and transmissions from the sleeping area at night.
  3. Be sure to have enough exposure to native radiation from the sun and from spending time in nature (grounding), away from electronics and wireless technology. Sunlight’s natural violet and red light wavelengths are proving to be very helpful in balancing the excessive ‘blue light’ exposures from screens, LED lights and non-native microwave radiation.
  4. Use appropriate shielding materials (paints, fabrics, films, etc.) to block or reduce radiation exposure from high level or direct / close proximity emissions.
  5. Consume high quality, nutrient dense foods with plenty of healthy lipids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and take appropriate herbal preparations, when needed, to strengthen the body’s immune system.

There is a vast amount of information that we can acquire in order to further educate ourselves and make informed decisions regarding our safe use of technology.

For more information you may want to research the following studies and publications:

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Kathy has received extensive training in acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbology, Clinical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrigenomics, Holistic Medicine, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT), EVOX Perception Reframing Therapy, Cation Mud Therapy (Pelotherapy), NAET (allergy elimination technique) and other holistic modalities. She has received specialized training in addiction and detox therapy and is certified as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) through the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA).

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