Fibromyalgia Pain Testimonial

Fibromyalgia Pain Testimonial by Dana living in Lake Mary, FL

Fibromyalgia Pain Testimonial: I’ve been a patient of Kathy Veon’s for about 4 years. Throughout this time, she’s helped with numerous issues including fibromyalgia pain, adrenal fatigue, energy/alertness issues and a sluggish lymphatic system. Working through these issues takes time, patience and a medical “partner” that really wants to determine root causes and help you get better. Recently, Kathy suggested trying EVOX to help me deal with several deep rooted issues that were preventing me from feeling my best and moving on with my life. Like many folks that read about the EVOX process, I was a bit skeptical as to how this process could help me move on and not feel “stuck”.

But, after talking with Kathy about how the process worked and general benefits from previous clients, I was willing to try it. The first session was pretty amazing. I used the session to focus on a home invasion incident that happened when I was a child. It was an interesting experience to start off feeling big emotions of fear/anxiety associated with incident. As the session progressed and various frequencies were transmitted back into me, I noticed how my attitude and perception of the incident changed.

Just to be clear, this will never be a fond memory, but the level of fear, anxiety and anger experienced on a day to day basis are significantly reduced. It eliminated much of the background noise in my everyday thoughts that were associated with this memory/experience. I look forward to completing additional EVOX sessions to continue clearing issues/emotions that I just can’t seem to move past.

Fibromyalgia Pain Testimonial by Dana of Lake Mary, Florida – thanks for sharing feedback about Dr Kathy Veon with Central Florida Preventive Medicine