Gluten Intolerance Testimonial

Gluten Intolerance Testimonial by Becky of Sanford, Florida

Gluten Intolerance Testimonial:  Two years ago I started a new job as a receptionist. At the same time, I developed a virus which inflamed the inside of my mouth. I went to my regular medical doctor and received 3 different prescriptions which had no effect on my virus. My co-workers told me about Kathy and suggested that I see what she could do for me. Within 2 days of taking supplements, I could tell that my inflammation was getting better.

Since then, Kathy has greatly improved my other health issues which include gluten intolerance, high iron levels, blocked energy flow and a non-working thyroid. I have learned that Kathy knows her stuff and I’m willing to stand on my head in a corner if Kathy says this will correct any health issue. After reading Kathy’s website, I thought that an EVOX Therapy session might help some of my emotional issues with my Mother. We had a session for each of my parents which went very well. We then had a session about my Mother’s Father who died when I was only a year old. I did not understand why I had issues with him but once I completed the session, I truly understand my Mother better and love her more than ever.

Thanks Becky for sharing your Gluten Intolerance Testimonial – Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine. Hopefully, this will inspire our new patients to try this highly recomended treatment for people with gluten problems.