Hip Pain Relief Testimonial

Hip Pain Relief Testimonial from Jeff of Orlando, FL

Hip Pain Relief Testimonial:  I had developed hip pain about 10 years ago. I have been to many doctors who have done x-rays and scans, but did not find anything wrong with my right hip. I went to Dr. Veon for pain relief and she suggested doing some cation mudpacks. She did some testing and found that my broken ankle from when I was 12 years old had caused blockages in the leg that led to the pain and stiffness in my leg and hip.

It took about 30 minutes to do a mudpack on the ankle, and believe it or not, I had no more pain in my hip after that treatment. Since then my blood sugar has also normalized and I no longer need medication. I am very thankful for the alternative therapies that Dr. Veon offers in her practice.

Painful Hip Issues is never fun to deal with – thankfully we have alot of  good testimonials from satisifed patients. Thanks Jeff for allowing us to share your kind words with potential future patients. Please feel free to schedule your appointment with Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine today.