Weight Loss Testimonial

Weight Loss Testimonial by Drake of Orange City, Florida

Weight Loss Testimonial:   I have had only 2 EVOX Therapy appointments with Dr. Kathy. I had an eating disorder. I drive a truck locally, and between stops my money would talk to me. I know that sounds strange but it would tell me that all the bills are paid and there is still $10 left in my account. So I could not stop myself from going to the gas station and getting hot dogs and junk food. Also, I could not stop myself from eating all the food on my plate when I got full, nor could I stop from loading up my plate either.

I am 5’8” and was 260 lbs. It has been 6 weeks since my last visit and I have lost 20 lbs so far. I am now able to stop eating when I feel full, even if there is still food on my plate. My money no longer talks to me. I have done nothing else to help myself lose weight. I just have control over myself now. Also, about 8 years ago I was able to quit smoking, but I was not able to quit eating, and now thanks to Dr. Kathy I have.

Weight Loss Testimonial – Dr Kathy Veon and Central Florida Preventive Medicine. Thanks Drake for sharing your kind words with us to share with potential new patients!