Balancing the Body's Energy Systems

We are energetic, spiritual beings living in a physical body. Science is catching up with ancient wisdom and the spiritual practices that understood the complexities and the true beauty of our existence on this earth.

Specifically, both Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine are based on the understanding of the flow of ‘vital force’, or Qi / Prana, that keeps our bodies, minds, and spirits healthy and thriving. Our environment, lifestyle, and dietary choices can either support life or destroy life.

Many of these environmental factors initially affect our energy systems or the ‘frequency’ and oscillation of our cells. By supporting and healing the ‘unseen’ energies, we can facilitate healing in the ‘seen’ realm of our physical bodies. Keep reading to learn more about ‘energy medicine’ and the ‘vital force’ that keeps us healthy and able to live our full purpose on this earth.

Neurological Energy Balancing

Ancient Medical Systems

UNDERSTANDING ENERGY BALANCING TECHNIQUES FOR PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL SPIRITUAL HEALING | 7 ChakrasClassical Chinese Medicine theory teaches us that the flow of vital force or ‘Qi’ (vapor, breath, air) is the foundation of our existence on this earth. Without Qi, there is no life. Twelve main energy meridians flow through the body; each meridian is associated with an organ/gland system, as well as emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical manifestations of that energy flow.

Imbalances in meridians can show themselves as illness or ‘dis-ease’. For example, an imbalance in the Stomach meridian can lead to digestive issues, bloating, fatigue, headaches, and poor immunity. The Stomach meridian is also an ‘Earth Element’ and creates a sense of stability, security, inner strength, and courage.

UNDERSTANDING ENERGY BALANCING TECHNIQUES FOR PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL SPIRITUAL HEALING by Dr. Kathy VeonA balanced ‘Earth’ reminds us of our connection with the Earth, feelings of appreciation, belonging, and living in harmony with ourselves, others, and our environment. This concept is comparable to the Ayurvedic understanding of the 2nd and 3rd energy centers or ‘Chakras’. The 2nd chakra (Sacral) is located in the lower abdomen and the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) is located in the upper abdomen.

Root Chakra Healing - UNDERSTANDING ENERGY BALANCING TECHNIQUES FOR PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL SPIRITUAL HEALINGBalanced energy centers allow us to feel at peace with our environment and connect with others. In another example, the 1st chakra (Root) is associated with being grounded and energized. Imbalances in the Root Chakra can manifest as depression, poor digestion, and fatigue. Nurturing the ‘Root’ fosters good health and well-being on all levels of existence.

However, our modern culture pulls us away from the ‘upright’ or ‘righteous’ living practices, and we can see that taking hold in our societies as sickness, disharmony, and an overall disconnection from life and everything that is truly valuable.

Sound, Color, and Vibration

Many people who have had divine, spiritual, or ‘heavenly’ supernatural experiences will tell you that what they experienced was pure ‘Love’, in the essence of harmonious sounds, colors, geometric patterns, and frequencies…’ the music of the spheres’ or the ‘divine order of the universe’.

It is said that ‘there is no chaos in the kingdom of God’, and that is true. The extraordinarily high ‘frequency’ of God is pure Love and is pure healing on all levels. Chaos cannot exist where Source energy abounds. However, the low, heavy, and chaotic frequencies of our environment make it challenging to maintain the existence of peace and harmony.

Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect us, those around us, and the entire space in which we live. Prayer, meditation, nourishing foods, exercise, rest, time in nature, and life-giving lifestyle practices keep us healthy and balanced.

I use the patented muscle testing technique known as the Omura Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) to determine where the imbalances and disharmonies exist within a person’s body, mind, and spirit, as well as the specific therapies that will transform that ‘chaos’ and bring ‘order’ and healing.

For example, a person may have a disharmony in the realm of colors and sounds. When a person tests for an imbalance with the color Indigo and musical note A combination, they may be experiencing toxic overload, lymphatic congestion, and inflammation. Correcting this imbalance by using NAET treatments to ‘reset’ the body’s neuro-energy-immune system can bring them back to a place of wisdom, discernment, and clear intuition. The toxic congestion is ‘released’ and they can experience health and restoration on many levels.

Another example of how color and sound imbalances can lead to illness can be found in the combination of the color Violet and musical note B. These colors and sounds are associated with the 7th or Crown chakra, beauty, serenity, and the realm of the Spirit. They link the personality of the ‘smaller self’ with the Source.

Imbalances in these two energies can be seen in brain disorders, alcoholism, epilepsy and neurosis, headaches, and pain around the neck and shoulder area. Balancing these energies within the body can also ease egotistical and narcissistic tendencies and reconnect a person to the higher spiritual aspects of life and away from the lower and destructive ego.

The process of bringing these energetic imbalances out of chaos and back to ‘order’ includes manually tapping down the entire spine on the inner and outer Bladder meridians (Shu points) and Hua Tuo Jia Ji points. Specific breathing patterns followed by the stimulation of acupuncture points and energy centers will then ‘set’ the treatment. The addition of monatomic materials and tools placed on energy centers and acupuncture points are especially powerful and healing.


Our environment has become increasingly toxic due to exposure to chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, molds and mycotoxins, exosomes and viruses, bacteria, poor nutrition, man-made EMFs, negative social attitudes, and stress. Increased use of pharmaceutical medicines and recreational drugs also leads to many imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit. This imbalance is seen when all colors and all musical notes are in ‘chaos’ and out of balance.

Autoimmune and immunosuppressive conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, nervous exhaustion, and emotional upset are often seen with these imbalances. When imbalances are corrected, the person is better able to handle the trauma in their lives, feels energetic, and rejuvenated, and can heal from long-term illnesses.

Topical Mineral Therapy

Topical mineral applications have a high vibration or ‘spin rate’, and are effective therapies for many energetic imbalances. Minerals can also be absorbed through the skin in addition to their energetic healing properties. Topical mineral/gemstone formulas for our modern age include:

Many additional formulas are available for either topical, diffusing, or soaking/bath healing therapies. If you are unsure which formula is best for you, please contact me to discuss the most appropriate prescription.  

Many more healing resources are available on the Patient Resources page. Consuming nutrient-dense foods, healthy lifestyle habits including daily exercise, sunlight, restful and restorative sleep, healthy thought patterns, relationships, and environments are necessary to achieve true healing.   

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