5 Supplements to Develop a Healthy Microbiome, Boost Immune Function and Improve Overall Health

Gut Health

5 Supplements to Develop a Healthy Microbiome, Boost Immune Function and Improve Overall Health

Gut Health is the Foundation of Your Health

The health of the microbiome in our digestive system (gut) has a profound effect on our overall health and wellness. Immune and inflammatory factors, neurotransmitters for healthy mood and psychiatric health, proper assimilation of nutrients and so much more begins in the gut. Leaky Gut is the #1 cause of low-grade chronic inflammation and leads to a decline in a good foundation of health. Chronic inflammation impairs the immune systems signals that keeps us safe from all forms of viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic invasions. Learn how to take steps to develop a healthy and diverse microbiome to improve optimal immune signaling and stay healthy all year long!

Gut Health = Overall Health

The health of our digestive system determines: how well we assimilate nutrients; fend off viruses, parasites and bacteria; create healthy neurotransmitter balance, as well as develop healthy immune responses and avoid allergic reactions, food sensitivities and even autoimmune disorders which in turn defines your overall foundation of health. When first working with a new patient, the main priority is to correct and heal the gut function. Digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, probiotics, low histamine foods, allergy elimination treatments, stress management and avoiding environmental toxins are all a part of this important healing process.
Our gut is often referred to as the ‘second brain’ because it is home to the enteric nervous system (ENS) which operates independently from the brain and spinal cord with millions of neurons which coordinate muscle contractions in the gastrointestinal tract. Also, 90% of the body’s serotonin is made in the gut, and imbalances of peripheral serotonin can lead to many disorders such as anxiety, depression, IBS, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, just to name a few.
Damage to the tight junctions of the intestinal lining can lead to unwanted toxins, such as lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and pathogens in the bloodstream where they can trigger an inflammatory immune response known as ‘metabolic endotoxemia’. This is often one of the main underlying factors of leptin and insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes of the brain and liver. This gut damage is more commonly known as ‘leaky gut’ and is now known to be implicated as a root cause of type I autoimmune diabetes, type II insulin resistant diabetes, and type III (dementia / Alzheimer’s) diabetes, as well as many other immune and psychiatric disorders, which of course hurts your overall body’s foundation of health .
Healing a damaged gut takes time and requires diligence with implementing lifestyle changes, healthy food choices, creating a plan for a good foundation of health in your life, reducing environmental toxins and exposures and managing emotional stress. Adding in proper supplementation of digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, high quality probiotics, and supplements to support healthy bile function and immunoglobulin response are all necessary to achieve a truly healthy gut and microbiome diversity.

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A Healthy Immune Response Depends on a Diverse Microbiome

Our immune system really begins in our gut with a healthy and diverse microbiome.  5 Supplements to Develop a Healthy Microbiome, Boost Immune Function and Improve Overall Health – here are some facts about our gut microbiome and mucosa:
  1. It is the largest surface of the body, covering about 4 square meters.
  2. Assists the development of the secondary lymphoid organs
  3. Is the largest portion of the immune system
  4. Monitors the immune system with over 40 trillion microbial cells
  5. Provides critical signaling to the immune system to evoke a healthy immune response.
This is so important for the times in which we are living! In fact, the gut microbiome helps to regulate the respiratory mucosal immune response in an influenza infection. Gut microbiome also plays a role in stimulating anti-inflammatory actions, lowering damaging cytokine reactions and protecting the lungs and other organs and glands from damage.

Foundation of Health

The Lung-Gut axis is controlled in part by the microbes in the gut, which notify the immune system of the presence of a pathogen. Even the function and effectiveness of vaccinations substantially depends on the health and diversity of the gut microbiome in order to promote a healthy immune response.
The best 5 supplements for your foundation of health to take during this time to promote a healthy microbiome and powerful immune system are:
  • MegaSporeBiotic
  • HU58
  • MegaIgG2000
  • MegaOmega
  • MegaCidin
Additional anti-viral and immune regulating formulas are also available. Of course, lifestyle changes, healthy food choices, reducing environmental toxins and exposures, managing emotional stress, spending time in nature and developing a healthy spiritual or meditation practice which includes forgiveness are also necessary to achieve a good foundation of health, a truly healthy gut and microbiome diversity.
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