Celbrea for Breast Health Awareness

Celbrea for Breast Health Awareness

October is Breast Health Awareness Month and what better time than now to introduce Celbrea® to assist in the early detection of breast disease.

Introducing Celbrea®

Celbrea® is a thermal activity indicator designed to support breast disease detection. Easy-to-interpret temperature outcomes may indicate to physicians the need for additional clinical evaluations to investigate potential underlying breast pathologies, including malignant tumors.

Intended Use

Celbrea® is to be used by physicians as an adjunct to routine physical examination including palpation, mammography and other established procedures for the detection of breast disease.

Celbrea for Breast Health
Breast Health Awareness


Does Celbrea® replace a mammogram?

No, Celbrea® is intended to be used adjunct to, but not in place of mammography or any other established screenings procedures. Celbrea can provide valuable additional information in the detection process of breast disease.

Are there any specific demographics where Celbrea® may be recommended by physicians?

A physician will be in the best position to determine the screening pathway after evaluating the patient’s individual profile. Some segments of the population that will benefit the most include:
1. Women with dense breasts who often need more comprehensive screenings and are subjected to a higher risk of developing breast cancer.
2. Women at high risk include women with family history, genetic mutation (BRCA1, BRCA2), race and other risk factors for breast disease.
3. Women under 40 without a mandatory indication to start screening, but who are concerned or anxious about the health of their breasts.

How often should a woman use Celbrea®?

Physicians will use their best clinical judgment to determine the frequency of use. Celbrea® is a non-powered device, patients are not exposed to any energy source (electricity, ionizing radiation, etc.) making it safe for repeated use.

How does Celbrea ® work?

Celbrea® measures differences in surface temperature of the breasts utilizing Welwaze Medical’s liquid crystal thermographic technology. Easy-to-read temperature outcomes allow the physicians to identify breast temperature variations that might indicate an underlying breast pathology, including malignant tumors. Celbrea® is safe, quick, non-invasive, easy-to-use and provides real-time results at the point of care.

What is Celbrea®’s technology?

Celbrea®’s technology is based on a Thermographic System that relies on a patented technology incorporating an array of temperature sensors embedded in a biocompatible multilayer pad specially designed to detect and visually display color changes in accordance to surface temperatures on a women’s breast.

Celbrea® is a THERMOGRAPHIC SYSTEM with NO RADIATION and NO INFRARED based on extensive clinical data.
13 Multi-Center Clinical Trials
44 Clinical Centers
5k Patients

What kind of test is Celbrea®?

Celbrea® is a functional test detecting temperature differences. A functional test focuses on physiological changes in the body (i.e. functional changes at a molecular, tissue or organ level) including thermal variations.

What is the clinical role of Celbrea®?

Celbrea® is a new complementary adjunctive test to current breast screening procedures when used as indicated. It is a clinical support tool that can provide physicians with additional information at Point of Care.

Breast Cancer Awareness
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


For more information about Celbrea® for Breast Health visit their website:  http://www.celbrea.com

Celbrea Breast Thermal Indicator
Celbrea Thermal Activity Indicator

Celbrea for Breast Health Awareness

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