How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.

How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.

How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.

Lung, Large Intestine and Immune Function Explained By Dr. Kathy Veon

How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.As we enter into the Autumn season we can look to Chinese Medicine Theory for insights as to how our whole being functions from a holistic viewpoint. Autumn is the ‘season’ of the Lung and represents the Metal element and the color White.

The Lung governs Vital Force (Qi), and respiration, controls channels and blood vessels, regulates water passages, controls the skin and the space between the skin and muscles, ‘opens’ to the nose and manifests in the body hair, and houses the Corporeal Soul. Weeping / Crying is the ‘sound of the lung’ and ‘grief/sadness’ can weaken the energy of the lung. Western Medicine Theory attributes healthy lung function to supplying the body with oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide and toxins.

How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.

Autumn is also the time of the Large Intestine and ‘letting go’ of what is no longer beneficial. Trees ‘let go’ of their leaves during this time and the ‘final harvest’ takes place of the most ‘hardy’ foods represented by nuts, seeds, and grains to be stored and used to provide sustenance during the winter months. Read on to learn how to fortify your lungs during this autumn season.

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Lung and Large Intestine Meridians - How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function. By Dr. Kathy Veon

Chinese Medical Theory

In Chinese Medical Theory, the Lung and Large Intestine meridians are associated with the Metal element . We can liken ‘Metal’ as the ‘element of structure’. The Lung is the ‘internal’ organ (yin), while the Large Intestine is the ‘external’ (yang) organ in this very important paired organ relationship.

How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.The the Lungs controls ‘Life Force’ / Qi, and also create Defensive Qi (Wei Qi), which is an immune system-like barrier that protects the body from harmful pathogens. You can also think of Wei Qi as the ‘metal suit-of-armor’ that keeps you safe from harm. The Large Intestines control the passage and conduction of food and drink, and influences our capacity of ‘letting go’ at the mental / emotional level. More information including foods to consume and foods to avoid, acupressure points, stretches and poses to support the Lung and Large Intestine are all available at the highlighted link.

The Lungs prefer to be ‘dry’ and they loathe ‘cold’; they govern the voice and are considered a ‘delicate’ organ. The lungs are considered ‘tender’ because they are the first of all the internal organs to be affected by external pathogens.

The Wei Qi is the energetic space between the skin and muscles, and if this ‘defensive qi’ is not strong, a person is more likely to become sick with an upper respiratory illness, colds / flu and similar disorders. A good herbal formula to fortify the Wei Qi and also for fatigue and chronic viral infections is Tremella and American Ginseng, which is available at Fullscript.

Food Therapy - Dr. Kathy Veon

Food Therapy for the Lung

During this autumn season, it is important to use food therapy to strengthen the lung function, which supports healthy immune response. Avoiding alcohol, sugar, dairy products, fried and greasy foods will put less ‘stress’ and keep the lung energy strong.

Lung & Large Intestine Herbs

Food Therapy - Kathy VeonHerbs and nutrients to support lung and large intestine health include:

· Anise, Basil

· Cinnamon, Clove

· Garlic, Ginger, Ginseng

· Licorice, Honey

· Parsley, Paprika

· Turkey Tail Mushroom

· HCL / Betaine

· Digestive Enzymes

· Liposomal Glutathione

· Probiotics

Food Therapy - How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.MegaSporeBiotic is an excellent spore based probiotic to ‘Recondition’ the gut. Leaky Gut Syndrome is very common due to the toxic environmental exposures so prevalent in our society today. Poor digestion due to an imbalance of gut microbiome can lead to many immune deficiencies, allergies, and autoimmune disorders.

Holistic Medicine By Doctor Kathy VeonA very valuable and specialized spore-form strain of probiotic is known as HU58. Bacillus Subtillis HU58 not only reduces intestinal inflammation, but also produces over 12 effective antibiotics, nattokinase, and vitamin K2.

One of my favorite ‘tricks’ to strengthen Wei Qi is to take 5 or more HU58 with food at the very onset of feeling unwell or upon suspected exposure to high levels of pathogens. MegaSporeBiotic and HU58 are available at Microbiome Labs.

‘The Colon is the Third Lung’

Holistic Medicine By Doctor Kathy VeonJust as the gut is known as the ‘2nd brain’, the colon is known as the ‘3rd lung’. Just one more reason to heal and maintain healthy digestive function! Colon therapies such as coffee or wheat grass enemas are often used as part of alternative / natural cancer therapies. Coffee enemas increase the ability for the liver to create glutathione by over 400%.

Glutathione is the ‘master antioxidant’ necessary to reduce inflammation and allow the body to ‘let go’ of toxins. Our modern lifestyle and EMF technology exposures drastically deplete glutathione in the body. Glutathione is also an excellent therapy to protect and restore lung function for those suffering with COVID and Long-COVID. More information about Gerson Therapy and therapeutic enemas is available here.

Holistic Medicine By Doctor Kathy VeonIn the office, I muscle test the Front Mu point (command center point) of the Large Intestines using the Omura Bi-Digital O-Ring method. When this point is ‘weak’ it often relates to poor vitamin D levels. Optimal serum levels of vitamin D to maintain healthy immune function are between 60 – 90 ng/ml.

Most people have very low levels of under 30 ng/ml. 5,000 IU of D3 daily can help maintain optimal levels, however higher doses may be needed for a month or two to achieve optimal range. Infection and lack of sun exposure can deplete vitamin D. Be sure to take D3 with K2 for best utilization, mineral balance and bone health.

Holistic Medicine By Doctor Kathy Veon

Mineral Therapy

Most people are familiar with diffusing essential oils for their amazing healing and medicinal benefits, however, I would like to introduce you to diffusing minerals. Not just any minerals, but carefully formulated ground minerals and gemstones that are steeped in water and then diffused into the air to be absorbed through the skin and mucosal membranes.

How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.An excellent mineral blend for Lung health, and to encourage the body to fight pathogens, both physically and emotionally, is called SEVERE by Ohm (Only healing minerals). It is a combination of Bretagne Sea Salt, Green Calcite, Pink Calcite, Amber, Fire Opal and Garnet Crystals. Several Mineral Diffusing Blends are available at Ohm.

Lifestyle Practices for the Lung

The emotions that negatively affect the lungs are sadness and grief. In fact, when a person continually wakes or is restless between the hours of 3am and 5am, that is often a sign of unprocessed trauma related to loss, sadness and grief. There are many ways to heal trauma. Acupuncture, Emotional Repolarization Technique, EVOX Perception Reframing Therapy, and NAET can all be very helpful in resolving root cause issues related to illness and disease patterns.

Holistic Medicine By Doctor Kathy VeonHealthy, nutritionally dense, minimally processed food provides the building blocks for our cells to function well during times of stress. Minimizing or eliminating sugars, alcohol, processed foods and fast foods helps to support healthy lung / large intestine energy.

Every organ and gland system has its ‘appointed time’ of increased energy. Autumn is the appointed time of the Lungs and a perfect time for healing and balancing this vital organ to strengthen Wei Qi / Defensive Qi. Healthy habits now will support an appropriate immune response through the winter months.

How To Understand Lung Large Intestine Wei Qi and Immune Function.

For more information about how Clinical Nutrition, QRA, EVOX Therapy, Integrative, Functional and Holistic Medicine can help you support and heal the lung and large intestine this season, please call the office at 407-328-6711 or email:

Wishing you a beautiful, healthy, and happy autumn season or whenever you find this article – have a blessed day! Dr. Kathy Veon, DAOM, AP, CCN, Dipl. Ac. Remember, I am your local Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician,  Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM) based here in Central Florida!

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